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Pressure was just at the right level to stress without overwhelming. Really cemented the theories from day 1. – Superb! Scenario’s were realistic and executed with just the right intensity to reinforce the week’s training. – Again, this is without a doubt the best self-defense, weapons and tactics training I’ve attended in more than 20 years in the military and as a civilian federal agent. – K.D.

This was the best training I ever received in 16 years of my military career. – [Hooded Box] I think it was best method to train on our line of work. – I would like to thank you for great training. – D.Y.

Best organized equipped educated organization. Professionalism from top to bottom. Provided a great atmosphere to learn and grow. – [W&Z Hood] Great feel for the requirement to maintain group integrity, zone awareness in relation to threat and package positioning. – [Linking and Formations] I am a firm supporter of the use of linking and feel comfortable with it. Formations…are necessary with our small team to address varying threat.) – Thanks again, top notch. – C.C.

Outstanding! The best training I’ve received in my 17 years in the Navy. [Instructor] did a remarkable job in all courses of instruction. Very passionate instructor. – Every aspect of the training was beneficial to me. – [Hooded Box] Two words – “LOVED IT!” Taught me a lot about myself. – Learned a lot about my weaknesses and strengths. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait until next week. – This week’s experience has been an eye opener. I learned so much in such a short time. I will continue to practice the new skills I’ve been taught. – J.M.

It is the highest quality training I have received to date. – Excellent range facilities. – [Power Entry] I thought it is a great tool to enter rooms/buildings. – Keep up the good work! [Instructors] were exemplary as usual! – C.F.

Outstanding course, instructors and facility. Very professional, but yet relaxed training atmosphere which maximized training benefit. – [Hooded Box] First experience with the hood was an incredible experience which forced situation recognition. – First opportunity to work as a team. Applies directly to what we may be required to do. First time working in such a realistic experience with these guys. – Tac-house culminated all training blocks and really “proofed” the whole week of training. It was easy to see how each session linked into the final block. – I would just like to say thanks for everything. I have been to multiple training courses where it was obvious the instructors didn’t really give a damn. It was obvious that you and your guys do and that made the experience all the better. See you down the road for level 2. – C.C.

The most practical and valid training I have ever received in the military. – [Hooded Box] Put validation on what works and gave me great confidence to be able to handle those situations should they occur. – [W&Z Hood] Again the best training I have received and was a challenge. – Both instructors were top notch “quiet professionals” eager to help answer any questions and were thorough in instruction and putting validation as to why they do things certain ways. Thank you for this opportunity. – B.D.

This was an outstanding course that will benefit me both in protective services and out. – These drills were great training for my job. – [Tac-House] Really reinforced how to think quick and be able to shoot or not shoot. – P.C.

Best I’ve received to date! – [Benefit the most] Hand to hand and the validation of the skills in the Hooded box drills. – [Hooded Box] Excellent training. I hope to return for more. The most realistic training possible without an actual fight. – [W&Z Hood] Great validation and applies to my job greatly. – Instructors and instruction provided was very professional and helpful. I’ve been to a lot of school and [this is] by far the best. – B.K.

Excellent!! This is the first “realistic” threat training I have received. – I benefited from the entire course. – [Hooded Box] It prepared me for a possible threat or an escalation of a threat. Covered very well. – [W&Z Hood] Same as above. Helped with anger issues for shoot-don’t-shoot. – It expanded my knowledge for keeping 360 degrees security on my boss. – [Tac-House] It helped combine all of the skills I learned throughout the week. It was a great way to end the cycle. – Excellent course! Excellent instructors! Thanks for a job well done! – C.F.

Excellent training. By far the most realistic and thorough training I have been through. – [Benefit the most] Hooded Boxes and then the follow on remedial training and video critiques. – [Hooded Box] reinforced training received, induced stress at its peak, wrapped emotions and training all in one. Great stuff and would do it once a week if possible. – [W&Z Hood] great integration of unarmed and armed skills, very realistic. This was a great test of everything we have learned. – [Instructors] are top notch instructors and I would learn from them anytime! – R.P.

Very useful in building confidence with dealing with close threats armed and unarmed. – [Hooded Box] It helped build confidence in decision making and the course material as you were faced with an unknown situations, versus watching it develop. – [W&Z Hood] Definitely helped with being comfortable using my weapon in a manner other than shooting when the situation didn’t warrant. – Had a lot of fun and felt like I learned a lot of things that are simple and effective. – J.A.

Best combat training I have done yet. That stress can’t be matched in any other training. – Hooded Box™ drills (benefited me most). You learn your reflexive actions to stressful situations. – B.G.

High speed, fast and furious but very effective for a condensed course. – [Benefit the most] Hood Box, it gave a realistic view. Train as you fight concept put into play finally. – [Hooded Box] Great! Shows the strength and areas of improvement right away. – This was great again. The versatility of all the Hood Box for all situations and tactics should be standard for all services and agencies. – The instructors are very professional and all questions are answered. – P.B.

Outstanding. – Great. It allows guys to understand the importance of maintaining your zone and weapon posture. – Outstanding training. Thanks!!! – J.G.

Great. – A great course. One of the best I have ever been to. Hope to be back soon to learn some more. Also the instructors are great. The ability to really read whether to speed up or slow down based on how well the trainees respond. – M.P.

Outstanding, all of the instructors were well knowledged and worked with us on the areas that we were weak on. – [Hooded Box] Was really nervous about the unknown, but I really felt as though I learned a lot. – [W&Z Hood] Same as [above], as close as you are going to get to a surprised situation. – Good formations that we can use in a real world area. – [Tac-House] Helped build self confidence and proved to me that with the training that we received during the week can be an effective team. – Look forward to the next level. – J.R.

The training was outstanding. It opened my eyes to different techniques that I can now incorporate into my daily security postures. – Team movements were the most benefit to me. – [Hooded Box] Outstanding scenarios; great benefit. – [W&Z Hood] It was good because it forced you to think if deadly force was necessary each time. – [Tac-House] Good Scenario’s again’ made you really think about the part you played in the formations. – Great instructors; very knowledgeable. – M.C.

Good training, wish I had the ability to attend more classes. Professional and competent trainers. – [Hooded Box] Provided realistic scenarios that required operator to make snap decisions increasing the threshold for reaction time. – M.D.

I thought it was excellent and falls in line with a lot of the situations we are put in. – All areas were beneficial. – [Hooded Box] I enjoyed it and felt that it puts a lot of real life stress into the scenarios. – [W&Z Hood] Helps with weapon control and shoot don’t shoot situations. – A good way to safely cover situations as a team and control weapons. Enjoyed working at it. – [Tac-House] Had a blast and thought it was a good stressor for movements and actions. – I think that it was beneficial and I hope to be able to continue to build on it. I think the class was very well put together and instructed well. – D.M.

Training was excellent. It was well taught, instructed, and applied. – Everything we did was beneficial. Also keeping learning at a high pace and fast all the time. – [Hooded Box] Totally different than anything I have ever done. It was great and made you make quick split decisions. – [W&Z Hood] definitely helped in making me apply both an unarmed and armed approach. It was quick, fast and wish we could have done it a few more times. – Tac-House scenarios were well thought out and always had the operator thinking. Made us work as a team, and think and move fast. – I will recommend the training to my counterparts and would like to attend more classes. – L.S.

Outstanding. – [Benefit the most] Integration than shooting with the striking and seeing how it all works in concert. – [W&Z Hood] The “pressure” was intense but it shows where our skill level is at and it is realistic. – [CQD Shooting] The shooting through the weapons flow has opened my eyes and show that I can shoot not just from one position my confidence has been boosted greatly. – [Power Entry] Two guys are better than one, it showed me the flaws in the old methods. – The instructors are top notch. Safety is prominent with them while keeping the training good. Great job. – P.B.

Excellent. – Great training to reinforce target identification. – [Linking and Formations] Great way to control and move a package without taking sights of targets. – P.C.

Excellent! – Perfect realism in training. The extra pressure makes it realistic. – [CQD Shooting] The best block of instruction I have ever had! – [Power Entry] This technique is a lot more effective than our way of entry… – [Linking and Formations] Valuable technique to keep the entire package together. – Thank you for forming this course to fit our particular needs. – C.F.

Outstanding: The instruction, techniques and scenarios allowed progression, and provided the student the opportunity to correct mistakes made and improve on skills already known. – [Hooded Box] The drill provided the most realistic and effectual scenarios that allowed the student to gain confidence in the taught techniques and see their effectiveness on a determined adversary. – K.M.

It was excellent, the training covered a wide variety of skill sets that is beneficial to doing my job more effectively. – [Hooded Box] They were awesome. It provided an opportunity to practice the skills that were instructed in a close as possible to reality. – The Instructor…did an awesome job instructing the course. He was very professional, and showed that he cares about what he does. I didn’t feel as if he was just doing a job, but he showed that the training is his passion. His attitude made the environment more positive. – A.M.

Outstanding – It was physically and mentally challenging. I had high expectations from other attendee remarks and was impressed beyond even that. – The close contact drills were phenomenal in building confidence in what is typically a very foreign environment. – [Hooded Box] Excellent –…I couldn’t have been more impressed. – J.J.

Excellent, absolutely the best training of this type I’ve ever attended. – [CQD Shooting] Great. I really developed a new level of ability and understanding. – [Power Entry] Again, top notch training and a critical skill for our small team. – Thanks so much for providing this superb training system. Your instructors are truly top flight. Can’t wait to come back! – K.D.

Very worthwhile – Excellent. – [CQD Shooting] Overall, the best shooting course I have ever done! – [Power Entry] Very useful and will enhance team training and operations. – J.J.

Outstanding. – [Power Entry] The technique allows the shooters to have more lethal capability without sacrificing time and space between them proving its merit. – [Linking and Formations] Provided the students with simple and effective means to ensure security is maintained as well as the necessary tools needed when meeting up with or searching for team members. – K.M.

Outstanding!! I hope to be able to come back in the future. – I’ll be able to use every aspect of this training in my line of work. – [CQD Shooting] Best shooting I’ve ever done. I’ve been a military police officer for 14 years and we have nothing that comes close to the training we received here. – [Power Entry] Again some of the best training I’ve received. – [Linking and Formations] Outstanding. I want more of it. Can’t wait for phase 3. – [Instructors] were outstanding instructors. Wish we had more like them in the Navy! – J.M. 

[Power Entry] Great. – [Linking and Formations] I liked the training exercises at the shoot house. Good instruction on linking and formations. – Overall great training. – A.M.

It was the best training I received in my military career. – [CQD Shooting] It was the best shooting course. – D.Y.

Excellent! New ways to improve my aim and tactical advantage. – I thought it will be the way we operate in real world situations. – [Power Entry] Very good way of showing how to respond to situations with multiple persons. – D.V.

The training was great!!! – Your skill is tested at one of the highest levels of awareness and very helpful – D.A.

My overall opinion of the training is excellent. By far this has been the most useful and valuable of all the training I have attended for the short period. – [DDS Unarmed Hooded Box] Extremely intense and fast pace. Very useful because it placed you in a state of shock that is usually not achieved during training. – For the short amount of time here, this is by far the best training and most useful I have had and made you open your eyes to the reality of our mission. – C.B.

Excellent! Great chance to learn and use new skills! – This was one of the most beneficial courses I have ever received in this manner. – R.C.

Outstanding training. I am so glad I was able to receive such high intensity, quality training that above all makes perfect sense. – [DDS Unarmed Hooded Box] Very intense and life like, glad I went through it and are more confident in my skills. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Intense as well felt a little more confident second time around. Loved the shoot and don’t shoot scenarios. – Instructors were amazing, they received us very well and are extremely informative and friendly. I feel like I can better defend my family and country now. – M.D.

The pressure provided during the hooded box drill was the most realistic pressure I’ve experienced. The only thing more realistic is the real thing. – A.M.

Most professional training I have received. All instructors were very professional and knowledgeable. – This training built my confidence up in showing me that I really can apply the skills in a high stress environment. No other school I have attended tested my skills in the high stress. They always just say this is what you should do. The instructors I was nervous on how they would accept a female but they were very professional. – A.M.

This is the most realistic training I have ever taken part in. – As close to the real deal as you can get. – This is the best course I have ever attended. It is well put together and well instructed. The instructors were extremely professional and knowledgeable. This has been a great experience. – M.S.

I believe this course was very efficient and highly useful in taking an operator to the next level. – B.

The weapon striking and maneuvering (were most beneficial). – A.M.

Excellent. – The best training and testing I’ve had the only way to improve it would be to do more of it. – [W&Z Hood] Another thing I personally would like more training on. – Very, very good stuff on outline for sustainment would benefit me and those wishing to improve skills. – G.D.

Awesome! Gets me in the mindset of readiness. – Fast paced and always thinking which helps your alertness. – B.H.

Excellent very well validated fighting system will recommend highly for all teams. – M.M.

Good process with validation of all techniques 100% useful to performance. – [Hooded Box] [This] exercise was critical in determining what works and what doesn’t under pressure. These types of drills should be routinely conducted. – This is critical baseline training for anyone who must perform individually or as a team in a threat environment. – B.S.

Excellent! A challenge, focused and intense. Useful real world techniques. – [Benefit the most] I benefited from all of it, but the highlights for me were the practical applications (Tac-house training and scenarios). – Duane, I feel that our team, and the LEA’s we support are better able to deal with extreme situations, and we will do our best to bring credit to you and your discipline. – J.R.

It was challenging, but I enjoyed it. It is easy to see and understand. It works! – Hope to see you next year. – G.S.

Excellent, I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects. (Soreness aside) I learned a lot in a very short period. – Excellent… Thank You! – M.R.

I am thoroughly impressed! More importantly, I am indebted beyond my expectations for what I’ve learned. – In complete understanding of the “Full Circle” you have described, I feel that no portions of the training were of greater or lesser personal value. Perhaps the greatest benefit was an understanding of my ability in relation to how I value life. I feel much “safer” and more confident (keep in mind I’d love to explain this, but have no room here). – I wish I could return your gifts with something greater than my effort. I would love to stay in touch and continue to learn. Also, I want to say thank you. – R.S.

It changed the way I think about close quarters combat. – Everything helped me – I learned a lot. – Overall it was great. Everything was explained well, step by step – crawl, walk, run. – This is an excellent course. I hope that sometime in the future that I can return. The best course I have attended. – S.B.

My overall opinion is excellent. I learned a lot of techniques for a few days of training. – [Benefit the most] From personal defense to striking, balancing, and applying it with weapon. – N.C.

I thought it was the most realistic training I have received in personal defense from the military or in the civilian world.” – I[t] was excellent instruction and I consider myself ‘fortunate” to have had this opportunity. – H.C.

Was very unique and something I’ve never done before. I wish it could have been extended. – [Benefit the most] Self defense skills, prisoner control, PT skills, weapon and zone control. – All training was explained thoroughly and the instructors included life experience examples most of the time. – The knowledge and experience from the instructors were very noticeable and their training patience was great. – I.C.

Excellent training with dedicated, motivated and PROFESSIONAL instructors. – I was best able to see mistakes I made and how to correct and learn from them. – Wishing we would be able to be here longer. – M.D.

Most effective, realistic training I’ve ever had. – [Benefit the most] Overall – entire training. – Definitely want more. – C.G.

Excellent, the best close quarters training I’ve had. – Threat escalation and how to react. – This should be mandatory training for all infantrymen in the U.S. Army. – C.G.

Everything – the entire training course is awesome. –…Everything was in depth, discussed thoroughly and the training aides helped tremendously. – This course should be taught to all of the U.S. military forces. – M.H.

Makes me a better soldier – most valuable things I have learned since I joined the military. – C.J.

The training was very beneficial to me… – You did an excellent job training. I feel more secure about my fighting capabilities. Thank you very much. – G.M.

I thought the training was excellent. We took it one step at a time and then got to employ it ourselves, which I think speeds up the learning process. – I felt like I got a lot accomplished in a short time. – M.N.

The material that was planned was covered well! This was an abbreviated schedule and there were no hang ups or wasted time. – We need to teach this to the U.S. Army! Either small classes here (CQD) or larger classes at Ft. Campbell. – S.P.

It was great training. – [Benefit the most] The arm and neck seals and the prisoner control. – I think all infantry soldiers should receive this training. I only wish I had more time to get more training. – J.S.

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