World-Class Training Facility 

CQD’s 365-acre state of the art training facility is located on Maryland's Eastern Shore and is available for government and law enforcement use, as well as private events for corporate teams. This facility was specifically designed to integrate with the CQD tactical training system and includes the components necessary to prepare both the individual and team for the full spectrum of scenarios and operational missions. 

  • Training & Validation

    The Eagle Training Facility provides specialized training and validation/assessment rooms used to assess each student's capability. Private observation rooms and video recording capabilities provide staff leadership with the ability to evaluate each individual's performance. 

  • Firearms Ranges

    CQD specializes in training for all aspects of Executive Protection operations - from individual skills to small and large team movements. For over two decades, our nations premier teams in both the government and corporate sectors have relied upon their CQD training to provide unmatched protection for those in their care. Each course is customized for the government agency or corporate team and can range from 3 - 15 days in duration. 

  • Day/Night Operations

    Our training facility offers private and secured access and is capable of day or night operations to meet the exacting demands of our military, government and law enforcement clients. 

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