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After 15 years of law enforcement training (military and civilian) this was the first course that incorporated self-defense and weapon defense together. The concept is right on track. Fantastic. – This is the best school I have ever attended. With no doubt, these techniques will make cops better and save their lives. – C.V.


Once again, this is the best training that I have experienced. Very job oriented and personally oriented. I would like to continue with the training to advance with further skills. – B.H.


I highly recommend this training for ALL LEO’s! – T.E.


The best training I have had to date. – J.B.


This training should replace all defensive tactics currently taught at the *****. CQD should be **** mandated to graduate from the academy. – F.J.


This training was a true eye opener. I wish we had this training before. Each officer should learn some portion of this training to help them survive on a daily basis. – L.T.


Outstanding, the best training tool I have experienced. – D.R.


This kind of training should be included in the first week or two of the police academy to give a full expectation of the dangers of police work. – [W&Z Hood] I’ve had no other training that simulates stress like this. – N.B.


Invaluable. Training, as usual, was outstanding. – S.L.


By far, the best training I’ve ever had in terms of content, presentation and validity. – A.J.


Great training. I learned more in this week than over the last 20 years of police work. – R.W.


Excellent. I feel I have increased my skills in hand to hand/DT in 5 days, 10 times the level after military and police defensive tactics training for the last 15 years. – D.K.


There was not one single aspect of this class that I cannot use at my job as a *** ****** ***** corrections officer. This class is key to my survival inside the jail. – [Hooded Box] Words cannot express the experience of this drill. I can bet my life that this drill will save my life. – J.S.


This showed ‘training scars’ from a lifetime in law enforcement. It made things clear and obvious what I need to consciously get rid of. – R.B.


Outstanding: this is by far the best close quarters training I’ve had in 13 years of law enforcement. – M.W.


Amazing experience. Built your confidence up. – [Benefit the most?] From the instructions part all the way to the hood. Definitely the hood. It added that real life feeling/stress. – In these two weeks I learned, experienced, and got more confidence in myself than in the 5 years in the Navy and the 3 years in the [Town] Sheriff’s Office all together. They got the training (that does not work) but don’t have the real life experience (stress.) – H.R. 


Excellent. Best LE/tactical training I’ve received, period. – Thanks Duane/[instructor] for life-saving training. – D.


Excellent. In all of my LEO training of 14 years, I have never had this much stress put on me in a training scenario. Outstanding. – [W&Z Hood] excellent drill for the art of surprise that the bad guy can have on you. – Would love to receive more training in this field. – M.C.


Fantastic. Top of the line. I hope our team comes back. – [Benefit the most] All of it, but mostly when put under pressure. – All instructors explained everything very well and were very patient. – [W&Z Hood] Great idea. Being put under pressure gets you ready for the real thing. – J.D.


This was the best police (not just police) training I’ve ever received. I wish I could do the 20 week course! – [Power Entry] Will use this approach now when entering buildings on search warrants. – Thanks. This was great! – N.B. 


Outstanding. – [W&Z Hood] Awesome- a must for any police officer. Most realistic stress induced drill I have done. – Thanks for the time and opportunity. – J.M.


Fantastic! …this is by far the best way to train. – [Benefit the most] All aspects were beneficial. Weapons retention was very valuable. The practical was the best! – [W&Z Hood] Incredible! I wish our entire agency could take that type of training. – Great instruction. – S.S.


Invaluable training, would recommend to others in the law enforcement/special operations community. – P.K.


The best officer survival training received in 22 years of law enforcement. – S.H.


Outstanding. More officials would survive if they had this training. – [Benefit the most] All of it. This should be mandatory! – I have been in law enforcement for 22 years and this is the best training I have ever received. As a former training officer I am ashamed at some of the information I have passed on. Thank you. – S.H.


Best training of this type I have ever had. 20+ years in the Coast Guard, 16 years MLE Boarding Officer and Training Teams. –[Benefit the most?] The end drill in the “hood.” Added solid value to the techniques. – [DDS Closed Hood] Wow...very good drill to drive home how quick a fight can happen and how crazy it can get. – Looking forward to a great two weeks. – J.H.


Excellent, well presented.. – Best exercise in 13 years of law enforcement. – L.R.


Excellent and applicable to the environment that we work in. – As the system is completely integrated, I benefited from all the training. However, the Tac–House/Scenarios reinforced all training and proved the validity of the CQD techniques. – Instructor is extremely knowledgeable on subject matter, enthusiastic, and firmly believes in what he teaches. I would recommend this course to all appropriate local, state, and federal law enforcement officials. – M.H.


Outstanding. – Awesome training. Best I’ve had in both military and LE. – T.R.


Best Part is that you teach the student to attack… be on the offensive, not defensive. End the fight as quick as possible. Great!! – Every law enforcement officer should have to go through it… – M.B.


In a combined 47 years of military and law enforcement experience, it ranks at the top as the most relevant, practical and dynamic training I have ever experienced. – H.L.


In 34 years of training from law enforcement and military, this has been the most productive training to date. Definitely a confidence builder. My only question is why did it take 34 years to finally receive such valuable training? –H.W.


This is the best integrated combat course I have attended. I am a 16 year law enforcement officer and 10 year former military veteran. – J.C.


Invaluable and should be experienced by all, specifically those responsible for training policies concerning military, LE, etc. so realism and understanding can begin to blanket our profession. – J.N.


In my 13 years of military and law enforcement it is the best I have ever had. – K.G.


The best training I’ve had in most of my 22 years of law enforcement training. One may never fully realize your potential or weaknesses without being truly tested. This training tool works. – E.C.


I would recommend this training to all LEO’s and special military groups. I have a background in both and see the need for it. – J.T.


I plan on recommending this training to my law enforcement agencies back home. Thanks guys! – A.C.


Eye opening. Techniques are much more efficient than any law enforcement training in last 20 years. – [Hooded Box] Very realistic, stressful environment. (All) law enforcement need this! – Can’t wait for CQD II! – J.B.


Best combatives training I’ve received so far. – Role players were great. Military, LE, and security guys that haven’t done this (Hooded Box) kind of training don’t know what they’re lacking. – D.K.


Better than any law enforcement defensive tactics that have ever been trained to me. – [W&Z Hood] Wonderful pressure that gave me more confidence. – B.A.


Awesome all law enforcement should attend. – [Instructors] made the class flow well. We were held in esteem and treated like professionals. Great job guys! – J.B.


Once again it improved my ability to protect myself. – I wished I had done it 20 years ago when I first went into law enforcement. – The drill helps isolate any issues regarding transitions, and weapons malfunctions. It was a great learning development tool. – J.G.


I have learned a great deal from the overall training. I would definitely recommend this training for all LEO’s. – A great job! – D.E.


Outstanding. You worked my ass off, I believe this will save my life. –M.G.

It was realistic fun and should do more. – D.H.


Superb. Instructors had incredible knowledge. – W.J.


Loved it, great, would like to do more. – J.S.


Excellent training! Very realistic and instructors very knowledgeable. – E.K.


This is awesome training. I wish we could get more of this training. Built my self confidence. – L.T.


Probably the closest you can get to a real life attack. Every cop should experience getting “rocked” every now and again. It keeps you grounded. – D.T.


Excellent training!! I highly recommend it for not only specialized units, but for patrol officers. Outstanding. – T.E.


This was the most realistic training I have ever received, I feel it will benefit me greatly. – J.S.


“Dialing up and down” is crucial for law-enforcement and I felt this drill not only tested your ability to respond immediately to the given situation – it also helped us to control bleed over emotions that often affect us on the street. – J.W.


Highest quality, very intense, well worth time/effort for the training, well above previous experiences in terms of instructional quality and application. – J.K.


Overall great training. This type of training would benefit all law enforcement. – D.B.


Very appropriate for the circumstances and specific skills of the operator. – A.E.


Overall, the training given and received was top quality. Engaging the body as a separate but total unit. – G.L.


Wow! Multiple assailants and forces choices all in one action packed adventure. My heart rate is still up. Honestly, this is indispensible training. – D.K.


Incredible. Last week I was convinced I could not be stressed in a training environment. I was wrong. Validated the techniques. – Instructors were incredible. Attitudes and ability were perfect 10 out of 10. – T.A.


Outstanding. Changed my perception of a lot of the techniques law enforcement currently uses and validated why we need to change them. – It was great, I want to stay another month and learn more. – I can’t say it enough, outstanding instruction. Course content, job relevance. The six instructors we brought are all 11+ year cops and you found a way to wow! Us all. We want more! – M.M.


Excellent. – [Benefit the most] All of it. – … I would just like to come back for more. – [Hooded Box] Very fast paced and well planned out. Excellent way to induce stress, and test your skills under fire. – M.S.


Excellent! – In the short amount of time we had, you guys did an excellent job. – [Hooded Box] The psychological impact it had was excellent. It shortened the “reactionary gap” which made it very challenging. – J.W.


[Benefit the most] Prisoner control methods i.e.: arm seal/neck seal, branch hand. – [Hooded Box] Most realistic training I have ever received, Simunition was great. –C.


Excellent real deal training! – Closest thing to real life! – I hope to come back next year, this overall training makes me more comfortable on the street! Thanks. – M.


Outstanding. – [Benefit the most] The hooded box drill is the best scenario I have ever been through. – [Tac-House] Outstanding! – I feel we need to try to train on tactics at least once a month. – M.


Great, learning new entries. – Our training needs to be more often to help retain and build on our skills. – [Hooded Box] Great for dealing with an immediate threat, and learning how to dial up or down quickly. – Great to be working on team movements and learning how to be the most proficient as a team. – Only wish we could have training on a monthly basis. –S.


Training was excellent. – The Tac-house provided a great environment to expose good things as well as weaknesses. – It provided a real life moving environment. – Provided an environment to expand on ideas and improve on team concepts. –W.


Excellent – very practical enjoyed every bit of it. – [W&Z Hood/PC Terminals] Very well thought out. Good scenarios. – Excellent instructors. [Instructors] were great guys and very easy to work with – they are also very knowledgeable regarding the skills. – B.H.


Was an excellent review and really homed the skills we learned in the past. – The instructors were excellent in explaining demonstrating and having us prove the skills. – [W&Z Hood/PC Terminals] Very real, very tough, but great way to use techniques. – we need more officers to come and experience this training. – L.T.


This was the best training I have received since being a police officer. – [Benefit the most] The fluid movement and weapon control. – I would like to attend any training that will enhance this week’s training. – B.H.


Excellent, the finest training (SWAT or not) I ever had in my career. – [Benefit the most] Everything. – Thanks Duane for the personal touch. Great trainer. – C.M.


This was the best training I have received. – [Benefit the most] It was all important in the way it related to my job. – Another week of training to sharpen what we learned and expand on the training. – If departments are serious about officer safety, this is the class to send them to. – R.A.


Excellent is an understatement to the training provided by Duane Dieter. – After nearly 12 years working for my agency, this course was one of the most outstanding and beneficial for officer skills and survival. – Given that it was only a week, all points were covered thoroughly and drilled until a confidence and proficiency was built. – If asked or contacted by Duane to come back, I’d make the time and spend my own money (again) to get more training. – T.W.


Good skills to have. Allows for a greater flow through use of force. – G.L.


Excellent, very good instructors and knowledgeable. – [W&Z Hood] Good way to implement all the skills learning through the day. – R.S.


Outstanding. Would like to see more, I think it goes hand and hand with my job. – [W&Z Hood/PC Terminals] Sharpens the mind and skills. – B.D.


Excellent instruction and practice sessions. Realistic and demanding. – All was beneficial and new tactics. – [W&Z Hood] Effective drill. Stress realistic demands, self control and skills to survive. – L.B.


Good. Wish I had more time. – Good training and very relative. Looking forward, I’m coming back. – G.S.


This training will be very useful not only in this line of work but also in any law enforcement career as well. – O.G.


Having been in both military and law enforcement, this was valuable training for “real world” situations. Great job guys! – S.R.


…very glad to have gotten the training, impressed with the techniques and wish that I’d have gotten the training earlier on in my law enforcement days. Also, the instructor cadre was extremely squared away and professional. – D.H.


Well done. The trainers were professional, I learned much more than I anticipated. – I feel everything I was exposed to during this class will benefit me during my days in law enforcement. – All the scenarios were seeming real life and brought all the training together. – Well done everything I learned in the CQD training I will use. – J.F.


Great Training. I know they would work if I apply them properly. – Scenarios were as close to reality as they could be. I enjoyed the live fire shooting from the vehicle. – J.M.


Outstanding, excellent instruction & building block approach. – Real life scenarios practiced in hooded-box drill. – Was some of the best training I have received in 9 years of military and Fed LE service. – Excellent use of training time. – M.S.


Excellent, well presented. Ample time with well portioned segments. – Excellent method to review and solidify training skills learned prior, best exercise in 13 years of law enforcement. – L.R.


Fantastic! Great integration of shooting, striking and sealing while explaining LEO issues. – [W&Z Hood] Learned a lot about myself and problem areas. – J.K.


Outstanding. One of the best courses I’ve been to (military or law enforcement). – S.M.


Outstanding training. Most realistic training I have ever received... – [DDS Closed Hood] Trains you to react in seconds. – Amazing training so far. – D.B. 


Great training of fundamental mechanics. – [DDS Closed Hood] Awesome. Effective creation of stressful environment. – N.B.


Very good reactionary training. Exactly what a real life scenario is. – [DDS Closed Hood] Excellent training. – Instructors are knowledgeable and break down the training to a level easily understood. – T.M.


This training was the best training I have been to. – All of it was a great benefit to me. – [DDS Closed Hood] Good drill. Nothing compares to it. Very real life. – P.T.


The training is beneficial to working as a patrol officer. – [Benefit the most?] The hood training because it makes you put the training to work and make split second decisions. – [DDS Closed Hood] That hood made you make split second decisions and decide whether to act or not. – The staff and facility are conducive to learning. – H.K.


Very good. It was great to see the days training put to practical use to quickly. – [Benefit the most?] The box drill. Seeing the training we had just learned put to use. – [DDS Closed Hood] Great to put the training into action. – S.M.


Very realistic. – [W&Z Hood] Puts all training into perspective. – T.M. 

Great training. The most realistic training I have ever had. – [W&Z Hood] Best live action force on force situation shooting drill. – Great training. – D.B.


Very beneficial. – The hood makes you get the most realistic training. – [W&Z Hood] This seems like the only way to closely simulate how a person will react in the most stressful situations in a split second time period. – H.K. 

[W&Z Hood] Eye opening. The most realistic training I’ve ever been to. – S.M.


Great training. Learned tactics and skills for most stressful situations. – [Benefit the most?] The hood and knowing I can use my training under stress. – [Power Entry] Live full action. Good knowledge of skills for entry. – [Tac-House] On-the-job style training which helps us use the training. – Great instructors. Learned a lot of new info. Would do it again anytime. – D.B.


Very beneficial to patrol work as well as working in tactical situations. – [Benefit the most?] The hood and the tac-house. – [Power Entry] This will help our team with different types of entries. – [Tac-House] The tac-house allowed us to work as a team and put the principles and training to the test while we learned to be successful at different tasks. – H.K.


Training was outstanding. I feel much more confident that I can keep myself and my guys safe. – [Benefit the most?] The hood drill for developing speed and striking power. The shoot house for developing team work and coordination. – [Power Entry] I had only ever been taught the single stack entry. Seeing the power entry was eye opening and is obviously more effective in most situations. – [Tac-House] Great for developing teamwork and coordination between team members. – S.M.


Very realistic and pertinent to everyday activities. – [Benefit the most?] Hood drills, entry training, weapons positions. – [Power Entry] Good instruction and oversight during the training. – [Tac-House] Very good facilities. Realistic to what we do on a regular basis. – Great facilities. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Good to be able to have training where we can go full speed. – S.D.


The best training I have been to and most realistic. – Great stuff. Loved the hood! Hope to come back! – P.T. 


I thought the training was fantastic and relevant and prepared me for deadly encounters. – [Benefit the most?] Learning the concepts, but applying them under the hood was the best! – I thought it should be required for all law enforcement. – D.H.


Excellent team building and skills. – [Power Entry] Smart, simple skills to get as many guns on target in a fast way. – [Tac-House] Similar to real life training that allows teams to put all training together and still be observed. – Very good overall training. Great instructors. Very knowledgeable. – T.M.


Excellent concepts that are easy to apply. – [DDS Closed Hood] Intense but an excellent way to apply skills and training. – Can’t wait to do more! – A.B. 


The first day of training is going to be an amazing foundation to lifelong safety. – [DDS Closed Hood] 

One serious real life scenario in your face. Think it is some great overall training. – This should be picked up by all police agencies. – A.C. 


This is excellent training. I feel like doing the drills in building blocks really helps you to understand why each thing is so important. – [DDS Closed Hood] The hood is a great addition to making the drills realistic. It really puts it into perspective just how fast it happens. – M.D.


Very effective and concise. Intensity was high during practice session and all demonstrations were well done. Instructions were clear and to the point. – [DDS Closed Hood] A very effective tool to enforce the techniques that were taught. Forced me to focus and react without thinking. – B.D.


Intense yet exciting. – [Benefit the most?] Without a doubt the hood experience. – [DDS Closed Hood] Very intense. You have to rely on your learning when needed. – Ready for more. – M.G.


Overall, it was great. Very informative. – [DDS Closed Hood] Added a whole other element. Really makes you work and use the skills you learned. – J.H.


Outstanding! I will definitely reference back to this training in the future. Very exciting. – [Benefit the most?] The hood really put everything in perspective. – [DDS Closed Hood] Gives you really good experience since you are never really under pressure like that. – B.M.


Great training. Great experience. – [Benefit the most?] The “no hit” scenarios. It’s very easy to get “attack happy” and strike when you should hold. – [DDS Closed Hood] Great drill. – T.M.


Very useful training. Instructors are very helpful and knowledgeable and really explain the importance of why we are doing the techniques. – Every portion of the training I’m going to benefit from. – [DDS Closed Hood] Very useful to see where my shortfalls are. – Very useful training. – K.N.


Great training. Shows me the areas I need to improve on. – [DDS Closed Hood] Love the intensity and realism. Shows how different situations require different tactics. – E.P.


I think the training was great so far and am excited for more. – I benefit at lot from hands on training so it helped me learn a lot. – [DDS Closed Hood] The hooded box drill was very high stress and helps make it real. – S.R.


Really good. Tested from what we learned. – [DDS Closed Hood] It takes you to that stress that you need to be able to get that real life experience. – H.R.


It is the most realistic training possible. – [Benefit the most?] The speed that decision making was required. – [DDS Closed Hood] The biggest rush I ever had. The value of quick reactions was set in stone. – Z.R. 


Very interesting and very good. – [Benefit the most?] Fighting at 100% to put it all together. – [DDS Closed Hood] Amazing. Great way to emphasize all of the training. – B.W.


It’s a great aspect and a need for law enforcement. – [Benefit the most?] Open hood shows what you need to know and practice. – [DDS Open Hood] This drill is amazing. Such a great training tool. – A.C.


I felt very prepared today to enter the hood. I feel like everything we went over today was thorough and I was less nervous so I absorbed more. – M.D. 


Practical and useful in multiple situations. Real world applications. Are easy to use and understand. – [DDS Open Hood] Very effective to reinforce the lesson learned throughout the day. – B.D.


Awesome training. Very beneficial. – [Benefit the most?] Hood training. Everything that the instructors teach us. – [DDS Open Hood] High stress level training, very beneficial. – J.G. 


Great benefit to keeping me alive in a fight. – [DDS Open Hood] Still some of the best training in this realm I have ever had. – J.H 


Great. Each day improvement comes in leaps and bounds. – [DDS Open Hood] Scary, intense, fun. – J.M.


Really liked it. – [Benefit the most?] Putting everything together in the hood drill. Experiencing the stress. Seeing how skills break down. – [DDS Open Hood] Intense. Helps point out flaws. – N.M.


It was excellent real life experience. – [DDS Open Hood] The training confirms the need for quick decision making and the use of appropriate force. – Z.R. 


Awesome. – [Benefit the most?] Knowing when to go hands on at close range instead of shooting. – [W&Z Hood] Excellent integration of hand-to-hand fighting with pistol work. – A.B.


By far my favorite hood drill yet. Felt very realistic but felt very confident during this particular drill. – [Benefit the most?] Being able to or having to decide in a split second what level of force to use in that particular scenario. – J.C. 


The training is great. It is going to be a life saver. – A.C.


Very informative and useful to possibly saving my life and others one day. – [Benefit the most?] I am going to benefit from all of the training that I received here today. – [W&Z Hood] It put everything that I was taught into perspective to show me what I need to practice and work on. – Wish we could do more! – K.N.


This training is very fast paced and great training. – [Benefit the most?] The hood drill is the biggest benefit. – [W&Z Hood] Great training that can’t be beat anywhere else. – S.R.


Training was excellent to teach me to become a better officer and protect myself and others. – A.C. 


Very important and fun training. – [Tac-House] Good for testing abilities in real life situations and correcting mistakes from pressure. – Loved all of CQD! Thank you to you and your staff, sir! – L.D.


I feel confident in my skillset if I were to face a serious threat. – [Tac-House] Scenarios were as close to real world as possible. – S.F. 


Awesome training. Very useful. – [Benefit the most?] Every session we learned something that we could use out in the field, so everything. –J.G.


Great experience for future possibilities. I feel more equipped for my job. – Can we come back for more?! This is great for my professional and personal life. – M.G.


Great. – [Vehicle Stops/Extractions] Great training. Good to know as it applies to our job. – This is amazing training. Can’t wait to come back! – J.H.


Eye opening. Feel better knowing to have a plan that is simple and comes naturally. – N.M.


I thought it was excellent training that really opened my eyes to better and more effective techniques. – K.N.

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