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For over two decades, CQD® has had a successful training and operational relationship with numerous federal agencies based on recommendations of former students from the SEAL/SOF community. In 2001, CQD began training select members of the CIA in Protective Operations and on a number of occasions, Mr. Dieter was personally tasked to deploy in an operational capacity for the GRS to high-threat locations around the world for the Global War on Terrorism. During these deployments, there were some significant operational successes utilizing all aspects of the system. Due to the operational success, Mr. Dieter was asked to source, train, and deploy hundreds of operators throughout the world in support of the GRS mission. Furthermore, due to the integrated nature and interoperability components inherent within the CQD System, there were many instances of successful joint operations between these Federal Agencies and SEAL/SOF forces. 

As a result of CQD’s operational success, senior leaders within these groups recognized the value of the training, and CQD was tasked to provide one to six-week training courses as a pre-deployment requirement. The training was able to undeniably evaluate the operators’ suitability for deployment based on technical skill and appropriate use of force.  This created an unprecedented level of interoperability amongst students with a variety of training backgrounds and skill levels. The success of the CQD training program with these Federal Agencies is validated by thousands of critiques and numerous senior leader statements and After-Action Reports proclaiming its operational relevance and applicability. 

Federal agencies trained in CQD include the State Department’s Mobile Security Division (MSD), U.S. Air Marshals, U.S. Secret Service, DEA, Central Intelligence Agency, and the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service. 

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