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CQD provides a comprehensive solution for law enforcement that will increase the overall capability of each officer, ensure they utilize appropriate actions in all situations, and develop their character to serve as positive examples for their department and community.

Officer Readiness Training

CQD readiness training is designed to provide officers with a functional and integrated set of unarmed and armed skills combined with mental development to instantly assess, process, and act with appropriate force at all times.  


CQD provides undeniable methods of evaluation and assessment for each officer, followed by review, remediation, and advancement ensuring the highest level of officer readiness. CQD training combined with stress inoculation and management instills the ability and confidence within each officer to instantaneously “dial” their level of intensity and action dependent upon the situation. This eliminates inappropriate responses thereby greatly reducing instances of abusive actions. The training develops a tactically proficient officer, as well as someone who serves their community as a positive example and mentor.

CQD training is applicable for all officers, corrections, public safety and emergency services, court security and child protective services regardless of age, gender, or physical conditions

Enhancing the Mind 

CQD's entire training process - effective training techniques validated through specialized, scenario-based exercises under realistic and stressful conditions - provides each officer with an unparalleled skill set. Their minds are capable of working faster, with greater mental awareness, vision, and focus, as well as possessing the ability to overcome the physiological effects of stress. When combined with a skill set that can function under the realistic conditions officers' face - from kind, compassionate actions to potentially lethal encounters - course graduates are on a new level of capability with the ability to instantaneously escalate and de-escalate their use of force. CQD training also provides department leadership with the ability to assess each officer's technical skill, appropriate use of force, and suitability for assignment. 


CQD Hero Program 

The CQD Hero Program fosters positive relationships within our community by providing specialized training to vetted officers, first responders, and other professionals along with a mentorship program for youth. Participants will learn how to remain focused on rising above the negative influences they may encounter and how to protect themselves and others against peer pressure, bullying, and substance abuse. Mr. Dieter established the Hero Program in the 1980s as a result of directly seeing the devastating effects of drug trafficking, narcotics, and criminal acts that negatively influence the community and youth through his service with the DEA Task Force. 

Active Threat Response

This training provides officers with critical training to appropriately respond to varying levels of threats and emergency situations. Training includes individual threat response, de-escalation and conflict resolution, and direct active-shooter response to protect yourself, fellow officers and those in harm's way.


For those law enforcement agencies that choose to make a commitment with personnel and facilities, CQD has established the Instructor Training and Licensing Program. This program certifies selected and fully vetted individuals to teach components of the system and is designed to provide a progressive, operationally focused, and standardized program of instruction for an entire organization. 

Though the skills of CQD may be utilized as a student learns it, the system is complex to teach with the depth of knowledge necessary to maintain a high standard of excellence. Therefore, CQD employs an in-depth process to produce the highest quality instructors. This process develops the candidate professionally, and instills an ethos in each instructor. In the standard CQD Instructor Training Program, prospective students undergo Forging, Instructor Training, and Validation/Accountability Training, followed by periodic Sustainment Training.

For more information on CQD Law Enforcement training, please 


Outstanding. More officials would survive if they had this training. This should be mandatory! – I have been in law enforcement for 22 years and this is the best training I have ever received. As a former training officer I am ashamed at some of the information I have passed on. Thank you.

Dialing up and down” is crucial for law-enforcement and I felt this drill not only tested your ability to respond immediately to the given situation – it also helped us to control bleed-over emotions that often affect us on the street.

— J. W.

— S. H.

In my 38-year law enforcement career, I have not been exposed to a more relevant or necessary system of training that will not only develop our officer’s technical capability to its highest level, but also provides character and ethos development...the character and integrity of the program and 
its cadre are unmatched.

— D. S.

The training itself focused on integrated and highly effective techniques that could be executed quickly in extremely stressful situations…The end result is a gained confidence in core skills that allows for an “internal dial” to administer the appropriate force to a particular situation due to reduced stress and much less fear during an encounter. This is exactly the confidence and mindset that is needed for any officer working today.

Outstanding. Best training I have had in my life. Never thought an attack could be trained for with such realism. – Once again, this is the best training that I have experienced. Very job oriented and personally oriented. I would like to continue with the training to advance with further skills.

— B. H.

This training was a true eye opener. I wish we had this training before. Each officer should learn some portion of this training to help them survive on a daily basis.

— B. H.


Great training. I learned more in this week than over the last 20 years of police work.

— R. W.

Over the last four years, NSW Combat Fighting Course instructors have trained with many national and international martial arts experts to insure that we are providing the best training possible. While these experts are top of their field of competitive or “sport fighting” only one offers a system that has relevance to actual NSW mission requirements. That instructor is Mr. Duane Dieter... His CQD system is already being used exlusively by Naval Special Warfare Development Group...

— NSW Official Training Justification

Mr. Dieter has worked closely with law enforcement agencies and personnel for many years. In 1988, he was recruited by the DEA to be an integral part of drug enforcement efforts. He was chosen due to his tactical expertise, his close relationship with local law enforcement personnel, and his extensive knowledge of the area and the community…I cannot emphasize enough what an important and valuable asset Mr. Duane Dieter is to all levels of law enforcement.

— Helen Delich Bentley

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