Most real training I have ever received. Training (CQD) has already proven to save lives in the field. – As always, the most useful, realistic, and life saving training I have ever experienced. – M.H.


By far the best training I personally have received for this type of mission. – G.H.


Without question, CQD is the best training for tactical work. It is superior due to its realistic approach to operational needs. – All portions were outstanding since CQD is so well integrated and flexible for all types of life threatening confrontations. – Again, this course is superior due to Mr. Dieter’s ability to “prove out” or validate each aspect of the training. The result is an awakening, which for me has changed my life. – I feel privileged to have had such a fantastic opportunity. The course has taught me so much more than I knew even existed in the tactical world. Furthermore, this course goes so much further. Deeper and beyond anyone’s expectations. This course teaches us all to be successful at work, in the field and in life. Thanks Duane. – L.M.


Overall, this should be a mandatory course for all folks who will be doing movements requiring *** support. I’ve been to Afghanistan several times and wish I’d had this before my first trip and consider myself very lucky nothing has happened requiring these defensive moves. – D.G.



Superior, I have not been exposed to anything better. CQD is the best way to prepare for combat. – D.S.

Outstanding! Absolutely the best combatives training I’ve ever received. Instructors are all world class, very positive and professional. – C.W.


The Box is an excellent tool for personal evaluation. I believe it aided me in making the proper decisions in a VBIED attack that occurred in May of 2010 down range. – C.L.



This training has been a far exceptional standard, both relating to operational and training, being realistic and relevant. This is the best training I have received in my career. – A.W.

Again, this is without a doubt the best self defense, weapons and tactics training I’ve attended in more than 20 years in the military and as a civilian federal agent. – K.D.


The training was awesome; in my opinion it is the best and most practical defense techniques I have ever learned, and it is the most applicable training I have learned that I can incorporate into my line of work. – Anonymous


Excellent. The best personal defense and shooting training I have ever received. – Anonymous


Probably the most realistic training I’ve done. During the ‘live’ scenarios, I felt like it was life and death. I wish I had this training years ago. – Great training!!! Like I said, wish I could have received it years ago. Can’t wait to do it again. – The instructors were very helpful with all the material. Great attitudes and willing to work with all of us. I’m looking forward to the rest of this course. – M.C.


Absolutely indispensible! Best real world training possible. – Material covered: Excellent. Instructors: Excellent. Applicability: Excellent. – S.P.

As always excellent work by CQD staff and instructors. I stopped being surprised at the amount of effort put forth by CQD a long time ago, and am always impressed by their commitment to the *** and our organization’s mission. – R.L.


Absolutely outstanding. After two combat tours this is the most accurate job of recreating the reality of the fight I have experienced. – G.T.


I believe because of this training I have a greater chance of keeping myself and my teammates alive. – J.M.


Very effective, proven and works. – [Hooded Box] Even after live combat it still raised my heart rate so high it was real. Best training ever! – C.V.


The closest thing to “real world” in every way. Of all the military and civilian courses I have attended, by far the best experience. – S.R.


The most realistic, self-validating training I have ever done in 19 years of tactical training. I would highly recommend it to anyone in my/our line of work. – Our instructors were two of the most professional and knowledgeable instructors I have ever had. – O.P.

Most efficient, realistic training I have ever had. – [DDS Hood] Extremely beneficial. Good to know how and what decisions I would make in a high stress fight or flight situation. – [W&Z Hood] Extremely beneficial. It is the only way to truly show my weaknesses so I can correct them and be a better operator. – [The instructors] are top notch operators. I feel truly blessed to have had you guys training me and teaching me how to survive and tune up my internal warrior. Thanks guys – God bless! – B.H.


CQD is awesome! I have used some of the techniques in real world scenarios and it was extremely efficient and effective. – B.D.


Up to date. Is best overall training I have received. – I feel all state, federal, to include military, should be doing this training. – J.G.


Keep doing what you are doing – these are life-saving skills. This is the most positive, reassuring, and confidence-building training I have ever had – beyond the techniques, the way your team teaches is outstanding. – Thank you. – S.K.


Excellent. The most professional training I have received to date. It is clear that time is taken to hire only the finest instructors and it shows. – This training is second to none. It is superb in every way and I will be sure to express this to my front office. – D.L.


Best tactical training in the world. – Thank you! This is the only relevant, complete, integrated fighting system there is. It is an honor to receive it. Please continue to keep us focused and consistent with our capabilities and instruction. – A.N.


This is the best training I have received anywhere to date. That includes 7.5 years in the Army. – I think that the instructors did an excellent job of explaining everything and also explaining why the techniques work. – If the CQD training is the most valuable I have received to date, then the CQD Box Drill is the most valuable part of the training. It is indispensable. – It is as close as one can come to a real world confrontation while training. – E.D.


Outstanding- beyond a doubt best training I ever received. – [Benefit the most] Individual skills elements- taught me/gave me confidence to further progress into team activities. – Instruction was excellent and covered all material. – [Hooded Box] Tremendous- unsurpassed value to providing the sense of confidence in abilities. – C.F.


Again this is the best training and most meaningful, effective instruction I’ve ever had. – I can’t wait until Level II. Additionally, I am interested in returning periodically (either with the office or on my own) to perfect, enhance and increase my personal defense skills. – E.L.


Outstanding! The most complete operator specific training. – [Benefit the most] The scenarios presented in the hooded box drills and team exercises conducted in the Tac–house. – This is the most realistic training available to date. The skills developed during this training are second to none. Hopefully we will get more opportunity to maintain and improve the skills with the introduction of additional CQD courses. – R.B.


Vital for anyone whose duties carry a potential for violence, especially if they are responsible for the safety of others, and failure will negatively impact national prestige. – I know from experience this training makes me better. – We need more of this to build team skills. – D.S.


Very important for not only my job, but could also save my life in the civilian world. – [W&Z/Personal Defense Hood] An excellent tool to gauge how one will react in high stress situations and a very realistic training situation to use in the skills you have learned. – Excellent course! The instructors are very professional and subject matter experts on Close Quarters Defense. – M.H.

[Hooded Box] Best reality training I have ever been a part of. It brings everything together well. – [W&Z Hood] Makes you react immediately, no time for indecision. – [PC] Great to work with a partner to get communication skills down, as well as working on movement. – It is training that all people who put it all on the line every day need. Hopefully I will get more of it and my teammates will someday benefit from the knowledge as well. – J.D.


I have been a firearms instructor with DEA and Secret Service and have been through the Secret Service ERT/CAT training. So when I say this is by far the best course I have been through, I have a lot of background to make this statement. I wish all agents could have this training. It really was outstanding! – A.P.


Thank you! I have used CQD skills in combat. The system provided me the knowledge to come home with all my teammates. – A.W.


The absolute finest defense training I have ever had in 15 years of experience. – R.B.


20 years of naval service and this is the best training I have ever received. – R.P.


This was the best course I have ever taken. Every aspect was relevant and applicable. I sincerely believe that this course will save my life God forbid something happens. – R.B.


This is by far the best and most useful training I've ever had. The concepts and techniques could easily save any one of our lives as well as our colleagues and loved ones. The bottom line is that I feel like a stronger, more effective officer because of this training. – C.S.


Outstanding: It is obvious that all the skills instructed have not only been well developed, but also, proven practice. – [Unarmed DDS Hooded Box] By far the best practical evaluations that I have ever experienced. – [Armed W&Z Hooded Box] Excellent; an absolute wake-up to some of my poor training received elsewhere. – The experience was by far the most realistic and comprehensive training I have ever received. – T.H.


Excellent, the best I’ve received. – [Armed W&Z Hooded Box] Brought everything into perspective. Made me confident of my skills and abilities to survive and to “go home at the end of the day.” – M.R.


[Armed W&Z Hooded Box] Well controlled for safety yet practical, relevant, fast and exceedingly valuable. – Great staff, incredible theory, and I’m confident this training will save lives. – J.E.


Excellent! I’ve learnt more in the past five days than in my lifetime. The instructors were exceptional. Exceptionally patient & exceptionally trained in their craft. I would certainly enjoy doing this again. – N.D.


Every part of the training was useful and had real world practical purpose. – The techniques/methods used to teach me (student) was beyond my best expectation. I now know there is a true science and I believe CQD has mastered it. – J.G.

Thanks to the staff of CQD for providing the most relevant training anywhere. Whether armed or unarmed, operational or personal defense, this is the only inclusive system for all engagements. Keep it up! – A.N.


This is the best, most professional, easy to understand and apply training I have ever undergone. I loved it! Thank you very much. – B.H.

The training is excellent. It is very well put together and the presentation, with full explanation of technique, is fantastic. – This course is the best I have ever attended. Life saving techniques are given here. Priceless. – R.U.


The most tactically sound proving ground I have been introduced to. The stress level and responses required were awesome. – R.B.


Knowledge obtained in this training is above and beyond any training I have taken part in. – G.T.


Excellent. This is the most relevant and comprehensive system I’ve ever been exposed to. The training was easy to understand and retain. – D.W.


Excellent training. – CQD training is about the only successful training that I have employed and it works! – J.P.


It would be hard to attend another course that would compete with this training. – L.R.


Excellent, the expertise of the instructors and TRP's doesn't compare to anything I've received. – G.K.


CQD is, hands down, the best combatives training I have received in my career thus far. – N.M.


Excellent – couldn’t have been better. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Best real-time scenario training imaginable, excellent training tool. – Yet another outstanding experience at CQD, I always feel more prepared for deployment after attending. – C.A.


Probably the best and most realistic fight training I’ve ever experienced in my 13 years of martial arts. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Excellent. Most realistic fight training I’ve ever been through. – J.C.


Outstanding. Very easy to learn, extremely effective. A must for our job. – [W&Z Hooded Box] In 30 years of training – it was the most realistic I have experienced. It caused self inflicted stress and TRP’s that were very professional and realistic. – I’m extremely satisfied and more confident than when I arrived. – N.M.


The most realistic training I have ever done. Fast paced and stressful, requiring both physical and mental abilities. – Thanks for your dedication and patriotism. Please thank the role players for the same, without their dedication none of this realistic training would be possible. They are a huge credit to you and our country. – R.Y.


Outstanding. Undoubtedly the most effective approach to tactical training in the world. – D.S.


This is the best defense class I have ever taken. The staff gave more than 110%. – J.W.

The best training test available, no other course offers this type of validation, the tape review shows your weaknesses and what you need to work on and how well you know it. – K.A.

Outstanding – best training I have ever had – excellent drill and portrayal of realistic attacks. – M.W.


Outstanding! I personally can’t get enough of it. – [Armed W&Z Hooded Box] Same as [above]. Everything about the course, philosophy is 100% right on the money. – M.H.

I’ve had a long history in weapons and martial arts training and was very interested in this system. CQD by far surpassed my expectations! I highly recommend the training for PSD work! – B.R.


I have a background in CQD and have used the different prisoners force control skills in Afghanistan. I believe totally in this system and thank Duane for teaching me, and for all the great work you’ve done! – D.C.


[Unarmed DDS Hooded Box] It is hands down the finest training tool I have ever experienced! – J.P.


This was some of the best training I have received to date. – J.H.


Superb. I think about self defense totally different now. I feel more confident in general, knowing I can defend myself. – B.R.


I think the training is superb. Very professional instructors and priceless skills learned. I fully expect to use the CQD system for training and quite possibly in real life. – [Unarmed Closed/Open Hooded Box] Best/realistic training I have received. – Superior training. World class training. I know there are few places as committed to training as the CQD staff of Dieter’s Close Quarters Defense. – C.R.


Excellent. Every skill taught had real-life application and has been validated. – [Unarmed Closed/Open Hooded Box] It instilled confidence in my ability to utilize life saving skills to survive an attack. – Outstanding. The whole experience has prepared me to succeed at work and in my personal life. Thank you! You all make a significant contribution here and for our nation. Thanks and stay safe. – K.F.


[Hooded Box] Excellent! Without a doubt the most valuable/self-test that I have ever received! – Each trip to CQD makes me a much better operator and I feel that it touches equally on all skills. – J.S.


[Hooded Box] Amazing validation and training tool. It greatly expanded my understanding, especially of shooting during all situations, ranges, and adversarial actions. – [CQD Shooting] The only system of shooting that fully realizes and enables shooting (tactical) in the high risk engagement. – [Tac-House Shooting] Again, outstanding training tool. Having the situational information regarding the engagement is what brings out, transforms, and integrates all operator skills. – A.N.


Excellent!!! Most professionally run course that I have attended. Cadre were approachable at any time and really knowledgeable in all areas. I am extremely impressed. – [Hooded Box] Best and most realistic “hand to hand” I have received. – D.K.


This training is a valuable tool for any operator. It exposes weaknesses in your arsenal and provides additional skills for overall success. – [W&Z Hooded Box] This drill is undoubtedly one of the best training scenarios I have ever participated in. – This course will help men to stay alive if and when they employ the skills learned. – M.B.

Great training. – [Hooded Box] Outstanding. As close to real world confrontation as possible. – D.V.


This week was outstanding. Every time I come to CQD for training, it surpasses my expectations. – [CQD Shooting] This week was a great shooting overview. I cannot wait to come back for more shooting weeks and then for CQD Shooting Instructor training. – T.E.


Only applicable training for high-risk real world scenarios. – J.G.


[Unarmed Hooded Box] Revealing, humbling, and as always, a great learning environment. – T.G.


I found it to be very valuable. I went through the course in 2004 (SQT) but since have had little exposure. *** type combatives have been my focus since then, however seeing the CQD method again was eye opening as to which “system” is actually more practical in the “real world”/high risk fight. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Hands down the best personal defense/combatives drill I’ve ever experienced. Excellent. – C.H.


The concepts put forth by CQD Shooting changes most of what I learned in other training for the better. An absolute must have set of skills. – M.V.


Outstanding, we were taught to utilize CQD and its intended purpose and we are all successful thus far with our knowledge and skills. – …once we arrived at CQD it was like the clouds parted and everything was made clear. – C.F.


CQD is by far some of the best and most realistic training I have been thru. The level of professionalism of the staff is always top notch! – S.H.


Superior training than what I received in the Army. Many skills I wish I learned before. – T.H.


Outstanding – This is exactly what I need for defense tactics. The proper way of defending myself in an attack. – S.H.


Excellent – only wish I was able to take another week. These basic CQD skills carry a long way – at work and in daily life. – I can’t imagine anyone going out in theatre to work with *** who has not taken this course. – The last Tac-House drill put everything together…it was amazing how you simply learn to react (more rationally) under stress in such a scenario and complete mission successfully. – L.S.


All instructors are terrific. I am looking forward to returning and studying more of CQD. Great training, learned a lot, had a blast! – S.H.


I think the training is exceptional. This is the type of training we have lacked in the past. – A.B.


Additional weeks and refresher training need to be regularly scheduled. – D.P.


[Armed W&Z Live] That was the best stuff! – The live person shooting drill really psyched me up! I know I can do it in a real fight. – T.


Training was outstanding. This training will help keep myself and those I protect safe. [Armed W&Z Live] Excellent. We need more of this. – This training is too essential to spend just 2 ½ days on. If we want to be truly competent in these skills we need to spend more time on the trigger. – R.R.


Excellent, by far need more training. This is the right kind of shooting for our job. – D.P.


[Armed W&Z Live] One of the best live fire exercises of all time. – P.M.


Duane, you are the best! I have learned a ton from you. My confidence has greatly increased from the training I have received from you. Especially when it comes to weapons handling. Thanks! – M.L.


[Armed W&Z Live] Outstanding. Gives you confidence in the skills you have learned. Shows you that the skills work. Overall – Outstanding training. Fast paced/heart pounding/makes you think. I look forward to more training with Duane in the future. – L.C.


[Armed W&Z Hood] I found the exercise to be very intense & realistic. It helped me to use my skills in a very ‘hands-on’ environment. – [DDS Closed/Open Hooded Box] I enjoyed the exercise immensely and I found the role players to be appropriately aggressive & interactive. – I will be sending a recommendation that this course be part of the ***/** training regimen. – D.T.


[Unarmed Closed/Open Hooded Box] Realistic, “up close,” in your face training. – What you learn at each session of training is something you can take and use immediately. Many Thanks. – S.H.

Thank you for your time and patience and the sharing of a gift that will transfer into a life saving skill for me and my class mates. – R.T.


I would recommend this course to everyone in the operational field! – B.P.


Excellent; the best training I have ever participated in. – T.H.


The validation drills proved to me that the skills taught were going to work. – A.L.


The absolute best training/instruction I have received in this area of my job. – A.D.


The *** drills really helped bring our team together. – The actions with the package were amazing. It was good to see where our weaknesses lie and to see the way to correct them. – Although I feel most confident with weapon and zone control, I could use more training in all areas. Every time I come to CQD I learn more about becoming a better operator. – T.E.

I cannot stress enough how valuable this training is, the unknown factor is always going to be there and knowing how to minimize the threat and effectively get off the "X" and to a safe zone while maintaining weapon safety variable and physical contact, and working in sync with your teammates to ensure everyone makes it home at the end of the day. – M.S.


[Hooded Box] Never seen anything that could prepare an individual for realistic scenarios “EVER.” Great training tool. – Throughout all the different types of martial arts things that I’ve seen and done I’m glad that someone finally got it right. – D.H.


Train like you fight, fight like you train is always the desire. This type of training is as realistic as I’ve seen. Longer training of this caliber would do nothing except benefit the operator. – T.N.


Excellent! CQD is a new concept for me and I thought that my prior martial arts skill would help me out. However, defensive tactics and high-risk operations are totally different. – D.P.

I’ve been in combat in Baghdad shooting down streets but never had up close training like the box, it was the best. – K.G.


After 22 yrs of mil. experience and 3 yrs with [company] (static) this training has provided me with the strongest confidence to perform my duties. – K.B.


The training received was superb. I wish I could have had more of said training as a prior police officer I believe it would be more effective than the traditional forms of hand to hand. – T.L.


[Power Entry] I couldn’t think of a more efficient and expedient way to enter a building with an active threat present. Again, it is clearly distinguishable the amount of tactical analysis that brought these tactics into development and employment. – D.H.


Excellent. Great facilities, instructors, role players, and the best tactical fighting system in the world. – A.N.


It’s always a pleasure to come and receive the best training in the industry. Thanks [Instructors]… – K.T.


This short time here and the amount I feel I received only makes me want more. All “training” curriculums should be modeled after your system. – H.Q.


I strongly suggest that any and every government or private security company take advantage of this evolution experience. – J.D.


The dedication of the instructor is outstanding, great [Instructors]. You guys keep up the good work and more guys will come home. Thanks. – D.R.


My chances of survival have just doubled or tripled. – W.W.


This is my first class to focus on the high threat environment and not the “sporting” skills associated with programs such as **** **********. I benefited every day. – L.S.


Outstanding, best close quarter battle/defensive training I’ve ever received. – [W&Z Hooded Box] Genius developmental training, I cannot think of a more definite form of skill testing to expose student weakness. – J.Q.


Thank you all for the supreme effort and caring. These are life saving skills. – A.N.


This has been the best hands on/DM course that I have received in all my years of government service. Very realistic. – J.F.


By far the most usable and task specific training I have received can be used in every aspect of combat. – M.F.


[DDS Tac-House] Super, time before the event is similar to going on a serious operation. The mood in the waiting room is somber. It is a good feeling for an operator to get used to. The drills themselves are very challenging, real and skill building. – D.S.


Outstanding I learned something new with each iteration that was conducted. I love competition and being pushed mentally and physically. – R.C.

Great & effective. I’ve studied **** ****, a martial art supposed to be “street practical”, but the speed of an attack demonstrates the effectiveness of CQD’s approach, and the potential futility of trying to use other forms. – J.S.


I thought *** and *** were the most prestigious forms of fighting. I was wrong. Now I can incorporate my weapons into the fight. – J.B.


One of the best courses I have attended – emotionally, spiritually, and physically exhausting, but you come out on the other side with a better understanding of yourself, but also your teammates. – J.H.


A lot of good training that everyone doing this job can use. I think it should be mandatory. – E.M.


This was the best exercise I have ever been involved with. It allows for actions under stress, skills usage and critical cognitive processes. – J.C.


Outstanding! Amazing! So eye opening and a very good way to see your action and reaction. I really do feel that it has made me into a better all around warrior. – G.H.

The best simulation I have ever experienced throughout all the schools I’ve attended. – S.B.


Superb and realistic; I wish I had this when I was in the SF. – E.R.


I am more prepared for my upcoming deployment because of this training. I wish I had received this training years ago. I hope I am selected to receive additional training from CQD. – T.V.

I only wish we had more time for additional training. I hope to be back here soon. Your information will likely save lives. – J.M.


Awesome! In all my training, I have never received such ‘hands on, in your face’ drilling. I really felt I was thinking much more quickly. – E.M.


By far the best combatives training I have ever received. Additionally, among the first training that has ever interested me to the point of desiring additional training. – C.C.

Realistic. First training I have had in 17 years that placed me in a hot environment. – S.H.


After training in several martial arts forms, I thought that CQD is the best form of training for what it is meant for in the tactical environment of high-risk/high-threat hostile zones. – S.M.


Extremely useful training that I have personally used while operating in an overseas environment. – J.P.


I feel greatly humbled and privileged to have taken part in this experience. It really was fantastic. – A.C.


The training was conducted in a most professional manner and designed for student success. The type of stress induced to clean up mistakes should be used in the military. – J.B.

Could save my life. – M.H.


To the point and tailored to the environment in which students are about to enter. – S.K.


Efficient, effective, practical a must have for any special operator. – D.K.


Outstanding! This type of training can be used in any environment and will always be useful. Will recommend to everyone. – W.P.


Training to keep us alive. – J.G.


My opinion of the past week’s training is about as high as possible!!! Superb Course!!!! – W.H.


The training & instructors are the best in the biz. – T.B.


The instructors were professional, straight to the point. I would recommend this to any warrior looking for high speed training. – W.C.


Fantastic staff. I learned a ton from these guys and would recommend this to anyone in this line of work. – N.G.


The training and instruction were the best I have ever had. – J.G.

It is the best defensive or offensive fighting training I have ever experienced. – T.J.


High speed training. I learned a lot of good tactics to take the fight to the enemy and win. – J.M.


I thought the overall training was top notch. Everything we did had a purpose. – J.J.


The best yet! Trains you to stay in the fight. – J.P.


Hooded box drill is the most beneficial aspect of the training in my opinion, allowing everyone to test and validate the skills taught. – T. N.


Excellent. Probably the best bridging from learning a new skill to execution under pressure I have seen. – T.T.


Excellent course of instruction. The motivation and high energy of the instructors helps drive this course. – D.A.


Hooded box drill is the best training tool I’ve seen. Regardless of what the scenario is, it forces you to react to the situation instantly. – T.N.


Teaches 0 to 100% in a way no other training can. – S.F.


Top notch training concerning proper use of force, escalated force, and target identification. – G.F.


This type of reactionary training is truly where the ‘rubber meets the road’ for our training objectives. – B.M.


The hooded box drills immediately exposed my weak points. Awesome exercise with a steep learning curve. – R.M.


I thought the way everything was taught, in the order and fashion, was excellent. Everything was taught and then put together, then put to application. It made all the drills, tactics, and techniques very easy to understand. – B.F.


Excellent training covering a wide spectrum of subject matter. Validation under pressure was a key portion that tested our ability to learn and apply tactics. I benefited from every portion of this training. – R.G.


Top class training and techniques. Absolute pleasure to have been on such a course with top instructors and top fellow students. – M.R.


Excellent. Whole course has been one of the most professional that I have ever attended. – C.S.


The training delivered was very thorough and more importantly very honest and practical to the threat in hostile environments. From the training given, every operator is now by far more confident. – J.W.


The training was very professional, and the overall instruction and techniques were very informative and well received. CQD is applicable in our operational environment. – J.H.

Excellent pressure training. – Good use of force level training. Helped to gain confidence in shoot/no shoot decision skills. – J.M.


The unarmed phase has benefited me most, enabling me to focus and deal with threats singular or multiple in a more confident manner. Moving on to the weapons phase brought all of the skills together with a flow. – L.C.


Excellent, very enjoyable, and progressive. The instruction was very thorough and as each level moved on it was very apparent why you were doing certain skills. – J.H.


Excellent training. Covered a lot of areas not addressed by other courses. I am definitely much better having received this instruction. – J.K.


Very professional. No time spent on unnecessary moves/unrealistic scenarios. – C.L.


I enjoyed it very much, was very good at showing individuals how they reacted under different types of pressure. – W.L.


Outstanding, very valuable skills obtained, especially in a life and death situation. – J.M.


[W&Z Hooded Box] Awesome, very effective training tool. Definitely provides the most realistic training. – T.P.


Amazing. Very intense, in your face training that proved the effectiveness of the taught techniques. Live scenarios were great to help us decide level of threat. – M.B.


I believe it was valuable training and will surely come in handy if a high threat level situation is encountered. The very end evaluation in the box was great because I was able to apply much of what was learned in a realistic and stressful environment. – K.J.


Realistic situational training. I have been in that situation downrange and the training was spot-on. – J.S.


Must need for ALL OPERATORS down range in the field. – B.B.


Excellent. The training is designed for the tactical threat in mind. Every movement flows into the next. Probably the best training for true fighting I’ve ever had. – A.H.

[Unarmed Hooded Box] Demanding in the extreme but more beneficial than any other unarmed combat testing I have received in the past. – L.C.


The most realistic training I have ever done. The role players did an outstanding job in the execution of their duties. – C.S.


Outstanding training. I like the way it is a complete system where the unarmed skills and techniques complement the armed skills. – S.T.


Hope to return and just progress through all levels. I enjoy the pressure in the hooded box drill. I feel that is a great training tool you have, and hope to see more of it. Thanks for all your help. Your staff is outstanding. – C.N.


Box drill was excellent. Fighting while manipulating rifle, pistol, magazine changes, etc., areas not covered well by other courses. – J.K.


It was an excellent training block. The integration of armed and unarmed techniques is outstanding. Also, the instructors were extremely professional the entire course. – J.S.


I felt the training was very professionally taught and provides the operators with a very good base to take down range and pass on. – D.D.


Outstanding! Keep up the good work. Your training has made me a better operator and that is the truth! – P.D.


Very thorough training. I feel that I am better prepared to handle the situations I may confront in the field. – T.R.


Excellent. Possibly the best training I have had. The instructors were professional, subject matter experts. They made the course challenging but attainable. – J.S.


Outstanding – ‘shoot/no shoot’ combined with physical engagements built strong confidence and refined skills learned throughout the week. – T.C.


The training was valuable and could be used in my line of work or in everyday life on the street. The block of instruction and lessons taught here will carry on with me. – M.C.


Outstanding. The most realistic training I’ve been part of. – D.D.


Every portion of this training, to date, has absolute application to what we will encounter in the field. The use of ‘unknown’ OPFOR is great. – T.R.


I believe that this system is a very logical & realistic approach to combatives. It effectively combines shooting & striking in an easily taught & natural progression. – S.I.


Awesome. Has totally revamped the way I will tactically employ my weapons systems. Think it will benefit me and others downrange. – M.S.


Vital for performance, shows you how to fight and stay alive. – S.B.


I feel I benefited the most from the integration of unarmed to armed striking and shooting, and also the use of different force levels. – J.S.


Great training. I hope that it becomes mandatory to not only “requal” but also to go through all levels of CQD. It can only benefit the operator to obtain more knowledge and be tactically sound. – R.C.


I know that I am a lot better operator because of what I have learned here. Bravo! – E.H.


My opinion is that the training will be a great tool in the field and in civilian life. – M.C.


Best training in my 20+ year career. – M.P.


The training is very realistic, challenging and applicable to all tasks that we have as protective agents. I would recommend this course to all of my peers and associates in the protective operator’s field. – C.H.


Superb. There is absolutely no better way to train for these types of operations. The TRPs force you to act under pressure and alleviate many shortfalls you may have. – A.M.

As an overall system, nothing touches it. It gives everyone a baseline reaction for specific threats. – C.C.


I am so pleased with the entire course. I will promote this course and staff to fellow I.C. – J.S.


From movement through the house, weapons flow, dynamic and slow methods, vehicles, and of course aggressor participation [Instructor’s] continual oversight and hands on corrective input was invaluable. – A.H.


The realism of the scenarios was outstanding, always something different to keep you thinking… – J.W.


I felt like the training covered was exactly what was needed. Good instructions, good pace and the amount of time spent throughout the day was well covered. – S.S.


The training was outstanding. It opened my eyes to different techniques that I can now incorporate into my daily security postures. – M.C.


I thought it was excellent and falls in line with a lot of the situations we are put in. – I think that it was beneficial and I hope to be able to continue to build on it. I think the class was very well put together and instructed well. – D.M.


Very Impressed. – Top notch training concerning proper use of force, escalated force and target identification. – G.F.


Great training, instructors always are willing to answer any and all questions. – [W&Z Hooded Box] No better way to find out how someone will react, when a situation goes bad. – S.F.

Validation of skills with hooded drills was excellent. Great pressure from TRP and gives the student confidence in their own skills, weapons, manipulations, transitions, shooting, decisions, etc. – R.G.


Outstanding – I benefited from all the drill work (house, car, etc.). – I'm looking forward to going through the next level, thanks for the help! – R.C.


Excellent, method of instruction was well thought out. – We were taught techniques that will keep us alive across the pond or wherever we may encounter a threat scenario. – L.K.


Outstanding. – All information was presented with validation and prove-outs in/when necessary. – Teaching method was superb, no negative reinforcement was used. Again, great job and keep up the extremely high standard of institution you've got. Thanks. – N.M.


It was great to have the opportunity to receive the instructions from those closest to the source. – Comments among the class as a whole were very, very positive. – M.W.

This training was very realistic and overall conducted great for our line of work. – Awesome, intense, real, everything you guys taught came in touch when we went through it, great teaching. – M.D.


The training was excellent, I liked how it incorporated both armed (weapons) and unarmed components together. – D.G.


I felt the training in its entirety was very applicable to high stress situations. I have never been exposed to training such as this and I feel I am a lot more ready for CQD situations that may arise in the future. – J.S.


A great course that was professionally run and it gave me more tools to use in order to successfully protect my team and myself as well as succeed in my tasks, a lot of fun too. – E.W.


Outstanding course – very practical and straightforward – easy to understand concepts and to implement in real world situations. – R.B.


Good training that is grounded in practical application. – Realistic exercises that stress the individual and present situations that you may face, either while deployed or anywhere actually. – J.H.

Very informative. – [W&Z Hooded Box] A very realistic drill that was a good verification exercise as well as a confidence builder. – G.H.


Great, things taught are easily remembered when need to be employed. And it can be easily practiced wherever you may be. Overall great course, great instructors made the learning enjoyable. – J.R.


Very professionally run. Vital to all operators preparing to meet the client’s standards. – R.D.


Outstanding. Simple, yet tactical and effective techniques to ensure dominance and survival in protective operations. – T.S.


Outstanding training. It all came together in the final exercise. Each part of the training is well thought out and interlocks with the other parts, I really enjoyed it. – Great staff – very professional and overall great course!! – B.W.


Great training by knowledgeable instructors. Good course tempo. – The box drills, hands down the best scenario drill I have ever been through. – N.M.


Very realistic and gave the operator a chance to employ all techniques at full force and full speed. – C.P.


Best training I have had in years. – [Hooded Box] Excellent way to test what you just learned in the class. – Great teaching from all of you. Thanks for your dedication to improving myself and those I will be standing with in the big game. – K.F.


Outstanding. Extremely professional and competent instructors coupled with life like scenarios allowing the skill set to be practiced. – [W&Z Hooded Box] An outstanding addition to the unarmed level. Very life-like. Allows operator to test his tactical decision making, speed, control, and overall situational awareness. – T.S.


Great training. Good common sense tactics. Clear reasoning for every part of the training. – CQD was all new to me and I learned a lot. Very knowledgeable and professional instructors. Great job. I would recommend this training to anyone. – B.W.


I really admire the philosophy of CQD and am highly impressed with the level of skill, professionalism and congeniality of all the instructors. – T.P.


This was a very positive training experience for me personally. My take away feeling is that I have confidence to defend myself and I am eager to develop CQD tradecraft. – H.V.


This is extremely high quality training. The…stress course is worth the price of admission. I am convinced that style of training is extremely valuable. – E.H.


The sheer amount of information was amazing. Just when I thought we had received all the training that we were going to get the instructors came up with more training. Thank you for an invaluable training experience. – G.S.


Very good – probably the best application of real world apprehension and stress. It forced quick thought and with more practice and scenarios, this surprise drill could greatly increase survivability and accurate target discrimination. – P.M.


As with all great training you want more. I hope that one day I can come back and go on to the next level or at the very least go through this level again. – G.H.

Closest thing to the real world situation I have seen to prepare us for the job. – J.P.


The role players are one of the parts of this course that I find the most special about the Dieter CQD system. They’re really a superb addition to the program and are the most helpful I’ve ever had the luxury of training with. Thanks for the excellent training!! – W.H.


Very good – very applicable to job requirement the best, most realistic I’ve had in the military and as a contractor thus far. – G.C.


Your instructors were outstanding and I eagerly look forward to future training at this facility. I’ll definitely begin to incorporate the tactics taught here into my operational modes. Thanks for providing an excellent training curriculum. – T.A.


It does what no other training can. Isolating all your weak points. A must in preparing for this type of work. – S.L.


[W&Z Hooded Box] Great training by far the only chance to really get a feel for employing your weapon systems with real aggression. Awesome training, glad I was given the opportunity to experience different hooded box situations. – S.T.


Overall an outstanding training experience. The hooded drills are the most realistic training evolutions that I have experienced. – W.G.

Puts things in a very good perspective for an operator. Great at presenting challenges but equally great in boosting an operator’s confidence in handling such situations in real world terms successfully. – P.S.


As close to actual realism as can be simulated in a safe training environment. – Exceptional training value. – S.P.


…Close as it comes to real life. – D.D.

The instructors were very informative, and made the class interesting to the students. Very professional. I can’t wait to come back to the next course. And I will tell everyone this is the training to have. – D.J.


Instructors were professional and explained the material in detail. This class will be a great asset to my career. – E.M.


Most realistic training I have ever had – real world. – B.D.


I found the training I received to be very applicable to the mission I am being trained for. I found this defense technique to be extremely tailor-made to what we do with weapons. – M.C.

Excellent training. Makes sense and applies to combat situations more than any other training I’ve received. – S.W.


I would just like to comment that this was one of, if not the best tactical course that I have ever had the pleasure of participating in. The instructors’ enthusiasm and positive attitudes facilitated an environment in which all students were eager to learn. Thank you!! – R.F.


Valuable tool as a precursor to deploying overseas to a hostile environment. Gets you into the fighting spirit/mentality. – B.P.


The weapon and zone hooded box drill gives me confidence to know what I’ll be able to do when in the actual situation – “down range.” – J.B.


Outstanding techniques have obvious real world application and, most importantly, are relatively easy to master. – W.G.


Excellent training. Materials and evolutions were taught in a timely manner and then tested with stress which reinforces learning quickly. – M.L.


Outstanding training, instructor staff are top notch, answer all questions, some of the best training I’ve done. Thank you! – R.O.


I cannot say enough about how professional your instructors are and the value of all the training I received. Thank you so much for teaching me the skill sets, and I eagerly look forward for in-service CQD training in the future. – T.A.


Up to date/well thought out – practical training. Instructors were professional and well trained. The whole course was outstanding, challenging, rewarding. Had a great time/learned a lot. Thanks. – T.D.


[W&Z Hooded Box] Great as well! Very beneficial to engage actual humans and deal with the incoming threats. Great skill to learn and use. – W.E.


The most realistic, combat-like training I’ve ever done. The entire military should be doing some form of it. – R.W.


Great, best training I’ve ever had. Very useful for protective OPS. – A.O.


This is a very positive learning environment. Instructors are highly knowledgeable, motivated and professional at all times. Coaching is superb. – P.M.


[Hooded Box] These drills were very beneficial to me. It allowed me to gage my weaknesses and strengths. Wish we could have done more of them. – This training was excellent and I received a broader view of clearing rooms with a small team. Hopefully, future classes will get more time in the hooded box. I feel that this exercise actually makes you think more clearly on how to protect your package. Once again, the instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful to any of our questions. Great course and would like to come back for additional training. – I.O.


[Instructors] are awesome instructors, and I love this type of training! I wish this kind of training was offered more often to our unit near our worksites while in CONUS. I would love to continue this type of training on a regular basis as part of in-service training. Job well done by CQD staff. – T.A.


This was the most valuable training we received. The techniques were reinforced here. I think we all learned the most here. – T.G.


Outstanding. This is the best type of training I have received to date. Very professional. – P.L.


The deeper I get, the more I’m hooked. This is it. – T.B.


Very useful and will be a great help in accomplishing my mission. – K.P.


Absolutely phenomenal! A must have for every operator in our environment. – C.N.


Guys going overseas definitely need to go through this. – J.D.


Outstanding! Very realistic. The most realistic “real world” training I have received. – A.A.


Realistic – first training I have had in 17 years that placed me in a hot environment. Thoroughly enjoyed the entire class. – S.H.


A lot of new material for me to use in the field. Very glad to have been a student here, professionalism of the instructors was great. Would be very interested in getting more training here. – P.W.


Instructors/staff – professional/knowledgeable and ability to help was excellent. Overall, BEST self-defense course I’ve been to!! – B.R.


Wow! An excellent training tool to help develop immediate evaluation and response. It was very helpful in highlighting strong and weak points under duress. – I LOVED IT!! – J.B.


Outstanding!!! Best situational training I have endured…Other than actual combat…it raised my blood more than ever!!! – C.P.


This has been the most exciting fast paced training I have ever received. I feel better prepared for real world experiences because of this training. I also think that the attitude of all the people helped me feel more relaxed and I was able to absorb more info. Fun, fun! – J.B.


Unbelievable!!! What a great experience. The extreme conditions that each of us were put in definitely will make you a better “decision maker” regardless of where you go from here. – J.J.

All in all CQD fighting system works, and would recommend to anyone who is interested. – D.T.


Realistic training. I have deployed overseas in this skill set we are training for, the scenarios were real – not stretched for student failure – students were given instructions for success in this class. – A.F.


“Excellent,” practical, realistic. The best training I’ve done that incorporates weapons and hand to hand. – M.S.


Most realistic and best hands on experience in a training environment to be had. Most valuable. – M.G.


Best I’ve ever received of this sort in police or military. – D.W.


The best training I have received. Other training is not very real world. – C.N.


Seeing how simple the application of CQD will make it easier for me to remember, unlike other past training. The techniques and tactics employed are very realistic. Thanks guys for your dedication to putting out a good product. – J.F.


Training at this facility is excellent. I would recommend it to all Americans working in a high risk environment of today. – L.L.

Excellent; I have never received any training that integrated armed/unarmed situations so thoroughly. – A.S.


[Benefit the most] The Hood. Having no previous knowledge of what you are going to face, was a great tool to show initial reactions and prepare you for realistic real world confrontations. – G.H.


I felt the training was extremely vital to our job and what is expected. It brings to light different threats and non-threats and what is the most effective response. – C.R.

Outstanding; the most positive, and the foundation of all *** SOPs. – M.H.


I think the Hooded Box is an awesome tool to help shape reflexive and instinctive reactions to a variety of threats and escalation of force. – [Power Entry] I really believe this is the strongest fastest way to enter a room and I am proud to know how to do it right. – I was completely impressed at the level of experience of the instructors. There is a high standard and I personally think this course of instruction is kick ass. Thanks again. – J.F.


[W&Z Hooded Box] Superb. Such a drill should be adopted throughout the force – I’d like to do more of it. – M.M.


Again an excellent way of using unarmed and armed drills to ensure your survival. With video feedback that is imperative to learning from mistakes you have missed during stress and pressure. A great week. Thanks. – S.Y.


The professionalism and passion with which this course is taught was exceptional. I have never seen a system presented in this way and challenged by the high stress industry application. Thanks! – R.B.


I am in no doubt that ‘we’ are in the right place for our training. The instructors at CQD are all highly professional. They are very knowledgeable, modest, and street wise. It is a pleasure to be with you. Very many thanks. – M.M.


Great training for the latest environments overseas. – A.S.


This is the best tactical training in the world. Every time I complete a block of training, I feel much more prepared to operate and to train others for their operations. Great staff, instruction, and flow of events, which lead to perfect understanding and execution of individual to unit level training. – A.N.


The whole CQD package is outstanding – particularly the frank, open and direct intuition. The instructor cadre is the best I have ever had the pleasure to be involved with – positive, dynamic, personable, but also expectant of the required standards. Thank you for an excellent course. – A.D.


This has been the best training I have ever received. I have thoroughly enjoyed the training and hope to visit again in the future. – M.W.


The training facilities are excellent and have been well planned. All instructors have been first class in their knowledge and execution of their lessons. As an instructor in many disciplines myself I always look for role models in their delivery and technique and I have found two excellent examples in [Instructors]. All instructors have remained friendly and approachable creating a disciplined yet comfortable learning environment. – K.W.


As always, the most useful, realistic and life saving training I have ever experienced. – M.H.


An excellent system backed up with some awesome training. Feel confident with what I know to apply it in an operational theatre. – E.


I specifically respected when we had an adversary up close – those examples describe what we experience everyday overseas – guys with guns right next to you – friendly or not! – J.C.

I am very impressed with the overall professionalism and operational applicability. All of it really makes sense. – J.F.


Outstanding/Top shelf! – [Unarmed Hooded Box] Great time – invaluable training tool & lots of lessons learned. Scenarios are well developed to elicit a variety of responses. – A.G.

Excellent training, with real world value. I think that all protective operations in any capacity need to attend this course. – T.G.


The course is outstanding. You can never get enough training with your hands and the weapons we use. Tying them all together with a very effective skill set is huge. – G.H.

Outstanding! I have watched the CQD course…over 10 years and believe that it is by far the best operational course on the market. – M.J.


As always, a very positive experience. The system saves lives. – T.H.


Outstanding. I feel this training is progressive and cutting edge technology was used (tactics especially). – M.J.


All of the training brought me up to speed and then pushed my envelope. It will be a huge benefit to see everyone integrated into this technology. – M.J.


It was outstanding. I think that it is a great course that all *** should be made to attend. It puts everyone on the same sheet of music. – T.G.


Hands down the most productive training I have experienced. The chaos and uncertainty closely emulates real contact with hostiles. – R.F.


Great staff TRUE PROS!! Never talked down to the students and answered all questions in depth. Gave concise and detailed instructions and were all consistent with each other. I had a great time and thank you all. – J.B.


It’s hard to say this because I don’t want to discredit my old army unit, but this is some of the best training I ever received. – S.C.


Best training I have received to date. I could not get enough time in the hood before going overseas. – P.P.


I think it is very functional, ideal, realistic to be able to effectively do our jobs as well as everyday scenarios. – [W&Z Hooded Box] It is the most realistic training that I have ever been through. It really is humbling and shows you where your flaws are as an operator. – Thank you for your time and patience, as well as knowledge in helping to prepare us for the future and ensuring our skill levels to keep us alive downrange and our teammates so we can continue to come home to our loved ones! – B.H.


[Benefit the most] The CQB portion. I found that the room clearing training was a great new tool. – I believe in the power entry now. All of *** needs to practice this often. – J.R.

I honestly feel that this is the best training course/validation program I have attended in the last 10 years. I would like to say thanks b/c I feel like a more complete and competent operator and I think I know what the guy next to me will do! Thanks. – J.F.