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CQD’s Critical Edge Training elevates your confidence and ability to decisively overcome the most difficult challenges and reach your maximum potential. This system redefines your core capabilities, allowing for greater success both personally and professionally.

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Mental Development 

CQD turns human performance into SUPERHUMAN performance. Our unique training process allows the individual to develop greater awareness during moments of extreme stress, assess the most appropriate course of action, and then immediately act. It truly redefines a persons operating system and these skills translate into all aspects of an individual’s personal and professional life. Those who complete the training are more confident, resilient, and capable of refined mental and physical performance. 

High Performance Team Building

The Team Building Critical Edge course ensures your group is fully networked and capable of operating at peak performance under the most demanding conditions. CQD begins by building the capability of each individual, then culminates with training scenarios that place the team into difficult and chaotic encounters. Through the experience of overcoming dynamic situations with one another, the team is forged into a cohesive group built upon the shared experience of overcoming adversity. For three decades, CQD has been relied upon to train our nation’s elite forces to fully integrate with complete success.


The Executive Critical Edge course is designed to redefine an executive’s core capability to succeed in the most demanding situations. Through CQD's unique training, validation and stress inoculation process, executives will gain both an ability to protect themselves and others, while at home or traveling, and apply the same internal mechanisms of overcoming chaos, stress, and adversity within their personal and professional life. This world-renowned process allows you to realistically assess and prioritize threats and opportunities and decisively execute the most appropriate action for any situation. 

Women's Courses

The Women's Critical Edge course is customized for the unique challenges faced by women instilling the confidence and ability to overcome the most difficult situations ranging from harassment to verbal and physical assault, against you or your family.  This course provides a hands-on understanding and application of awareness, avoidance and action when necessary. Critical Edge training empowers women to think clearly under stress, act decisively under pressure, and overcome fear and adversity in both personal and professional situations. 

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