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CQD® has an extensive history training law enforcement officers to include SWAT, narcotics, undercover agents, and patrol officers in various federal, state, and local agencies.


The CQD System was first utilized operationally by Mr. Dieter, and those law enforcement officers he trained, as part of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force during the late 1980s. During this period the training greatly aided these officers on numerous occasions with many successful high-risk apprehensions, all accomplished with appropriate and justifiable force.

As CQD spread, components of the system were utilized and adopted in various state and local police departments. The integrated components of unarmed, armed, and suspect/prisoner control skills, from individual to team, allow officers to properly recognize and appropriately respond to compliant, non-compliant, and combative threats. Law Enforcement Officers and departments have further relied upon CQD’s Validation and Accountability Drills to uniquely hone the officer’s ability to utilize justifiable and appropriate force. As a result, CQD has been implemented with great success, and under the most stringent use of force applications has had no force control incidents or injuries for either officers or suspects.

Numerous officers and teams throughout the country have come directly to the CQD training facility, and Mobile Training Teams (MTTs) have been sent to their headquarters locations as well. These courses are customized specifically for each law enforcement group and the commitment of time they are able to allocate to training.


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