a message from our founder

I established the Close Quarters Defense® (CQD®) training system to provide the most realistic and effective instruction for police, military, first responders, and all persons who are willing to risk their life to save others. CQD not only provides individuals with the greatest tactical ability, but also instills an appropriate ethos and moral courage to overcome difficult challenges, both professionally and personally.
I recognize that law enforcement officers have a challenging and dynamic occupation often requiring them to perform their duties under the most arduous, stressful, and otherwise physically and mentally demanding situations. An officer’s training must give him or her the edge, allowing them to appropriately assess and respond to each situation, while also being ambassadors to the community in which they serve.

I appreciate the sacrifices made by those who serve our nation, as well as those made by their families, and it has been my honor and privilege to work with all of these great patriots. Thank you for your interest in Close Quarters Defense.
— Duane Dieter, Founder and President