CQD’s method of instruction is to create a positive learning environment where fear, stress, and uncertainty are replaced with knowledge, understanding, and confidence.


Our Mission

CQD has trained the world’s elite special operators and law enforcement to handle the most intense situations. These same methods can be applied to everyday citizens who wish to empower themselves to understand and manage their own battles they could face in their personal life, both physically and emotionally.

CQD Training creates greater confidence by allowing individuals to understand the dynamics and challenges equally mirrored by the physical fight and the everyday internal battles faced in both corporate and personal situations.
— Duane Dieter, Founder and President

Realistic, scenario-based judgement training

CQD training provides students with the specialized skills necessary to respond appropriately to all situations. Our internal development training incorporates stress inoculation and management, instills a Core Confidence™ within each person to "dial" their level of intensity and action based upon the situation, and provides the ability to overcome any challenges within their personal or professional lives.

CQD provides undeniable methods of evaluation and assessment for each student; followed by review, remediation, and advancement ensuring the highest level of readiness. During CQD's proprietary methods of evaluation, students are placed in stressful and chaotic situations similar to those they may face.

CQD scenario-based training utilizes specially trained Tactical Role Player™ (TRP™) personnel to create a realistic and unique situation for the student, allowing them to experience the chaotic nature of a high-risk encounter in a challenging yet safe environment.

Theories, tactics and techniques can include:

  • CQD “Full-Circle” Theory – comprehension and development
  • Most Efficient-Most Effective™ – theory and application
  • Advanced practical evolution and validation exercises – Hooded Box™ Drills
    (Closed/Open Box Drills™), Terminals, Tac-Houses™
  • Weapons Systems – Physical, Mental, and Fighting Spirit
  • Internal Warrior™/Tactical Mindset
  • Situational awareness and response
  • Stress inoculation, management, and control
  • Specialized weapons and weapons of convenience
  • The Criminal Attack – Realistic understanding of the threat
  • Justifiable actions/responses and legal ramifications
  • Physical and personal resiliency