Realistic, scenario-based judgement training


CQD provides undeniable methods of evaluation and assessment for each officer; followed by review, remediation and advancement ensuring the highest level of officer readiness. During CQD's proprietary methods of evaluation, officers are placed in stressful and chaotic situations similar to those they may face on duty. Each officer’s force control is assessed along with their technical abilities and these drills allow the officer to deal with the full spectrum of law enforcement encounters instilling the ability to dial their force up or down dependent upon the level of threat.

Outstanding. Best training I have had in my life. Never thought an attack could be trained for with such realism. – Once again, this is the best training that I have experienced. Very job oriented and personally oriented. I would like to continue with the training to advance with further skills.
— Law Enforcement training critique


CQD scenario-based training utilizes specially trained Tactical Role Player™ (TRP™) personnel to create a realistic and unique situation in which the officer encounters the full spectrum of low, medium, and high threats enabling them to realize their skill level and areas that need remediation. Each evolution is videotaped for subsequent review and quality control allowing students, instructors, and department leadership the ability to identify any problems that require remediation and ensure the officer’s level of force is appropriate. All individuals and teams are required to meet the same evaluation and performance standards, promoting interoperability and unifying officers. This provides agencies with the realization and understanding of the actual capabilities of their personnel, as well as identifying those individuals who require additional training or those who may be unsuitable for employment.