CQD Foundation Vision

Children will evolve into compassionate and competent community members who can successfully navigate life’s complex challenges and engage their mind, body and spirit in positive decision making.
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  • Master bravery to defend the defenseless

  • Gain confidence to

  • Stand up to Bullies

  • Learn the value of Patriotism

The CQD System

CQD has an extensive history in providing training to thousands of special operations and law enforcement personnel, as well as, men, women, and children from a diverse range of ages, backgrounds and physical abilities. It has also developed numerous programs that enhance family bonding and cohesiveness.

More advanced than anything available, the CQD system is measured, tested, and proven operationally throughout the world.  At the forefront of all CQD operations is the belief in integrity first.

This same commitment to honor, courage and fight-for-right carries over to the unique situations children face in order to thrive and succeed through any environment they may encounter.