sustainment and instructor training


Providing sustainment, advancement, and instructor training opportunities for all agencies who wish to fully implement the CQD program within their organization.



Sustainment Training

Sustainment Training is available for course graduates who wish to maintain and strengthen their skills. These courses will provide a greater depth of knowledge and includes the addition of new skills and drills to ensure the advancement of the officer is continually evolving. Time is allotted throughout the course for questions on all topics, as well as clarification on points that may arise from a change in operational objectives.



Sustainment Representative Program

For law enforcement groups that have an established program, CQD offers training certifications that enable vetted course graduates to become Sustainment Representatives (SR) for their organization in order to maintain CQD readiness at their own facilities. Students will participate in an intense training program designed to provide a deeper comprehension of CQD theories and techniques, thereby providing integration and interoperability among all personnel within their unit. SR’s provide a resident expert to reinforce, sustain and advance components of the CQD system, thus ensuring a high level of quality and accountability.



Instructor and Licensing Program

For those law enforcement agencies that choose to make a commitment with personnel and facilities, CQD® has established the Instructor Training, Sustainment and Licensing Program. This program certifies selected and fully vetted individuals to teach components of the system and is designed to provide a progressive, operationally focused, and standardized program of instruction for an entire organization. By utilizing a system that integrates the individual to team in the appropriate use of all physical and mental skills, officers are employing the same operationally proven tactics and techniques, regardless of team or geographic location, thus maintaining a high level of interoperability in high-risk environments within the organization, or with any other unit or agency possessing CQD skills.



Though the skills of CQD may be utilized as a student learns it, the system is complex to teach with the depth of knowledge necessary to maintain a high standard of excellence. Therefore, CQD employs an in-depth process to produce the highest quality instructors. This process develops the candidate professionally and mentally, and instills an ethos in each instructor. In the standard CQD Instructor Training Program, prospective students undergo Forging, Instructor Training, and Validation/Accountability Training, followed by periodic Sustainment Training.