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Rationale and Training

Parents, teachers and guardians the world over emphasize to children the importance of "doing the right thing". At CQD, we recognize that children's actual encounters with stressful and difficult situations can look and feel very differently than what they may have imagined or been taught at home or in the classroom. To help kids grasp these concepts and to be a resource to parents and teachers, CQD has established the Critical Edge Hero Training in which participants, through discussion, exercises and practical evolutions, develop the courage and self-confidence to make the right choice when responding to negative influences. 

CQD aims to transform participating youth into “Everyday Heroes” through a series of unique and realistic scenarios. These authentic simulations will provide participants with a series of challenges aimed to develop a Critical Edge® when responding to malicious behaviors that pose a threat to their own well-being or the well-being of others. The Critical Edge provides an understanding for parents and children that the challenges they will face in life are significant, and the confidence and security to choose the right path is difficult. The Critical Edge training teaches the child, as well as the parent, to choose the right path and not let negative influences redirect them from what is righteous. Participants will learn how to remain critically focused on rising above the negative influences they may encounter and how to protect themselves and others against peer pressure, bullying and substance abuse. 

Through CQD’s authentic training, participants are empowered to muster the courage needed to respond to any adversity they could potentially face.
— Duane Dieter, Founder