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the cqd difference


most efficient most effective™


Totally integrated

CQD is the first and only system developed, which integrates all of the skills and techniques used by an individual into a fully functioning and networked system.

CQD’s unique “internal dialing” and stress inoculation process instills the ability and confidence within each person to instantaneously adjust their level of intensity and action in accordance with the situation, thus eliminating inappropriate responses.


core Confidence™

Life's battles are not simply physical encounters, but everyday challenges to remain positive and solidify your purpose. A positive attitude ensures the ability to achieve your objectives against life’s most intense struggles. Its most dynamic effect is in building the strength needed to handle personal difficulties, to fight through high-anxiety situations at the workplace or on the field, or to stop a threat. Throughout our lives we must fight to remain positive, encourage others, as well as defend ourselves or those who are preyed upon.


CQD training creates greater confidence and allows individuals to understand the dynamics and challenges equally mirrored by the physical fight and the everyday internal battles faced in personal situations.