The Eagle

Vienna, Maryland

  • Tactical Training area – 3,360 sq. ft. matted training floor. 

  • 5,300 sq. ft. specially-designed validation and certification room with private viewing and expanded video recording capabilities. 

  • Separate sustainment and instructor training areas

  • Secure weapons and equipment storage


The CQD Tactical Training Center is a 28,000 sq. ft. expanded training facility specifically designed for CQD Readiness, Sustainment and advanced training to provide a seamless and integrated training process from unarmed to armed, individual to team contained within one building. It includes tactical training and sustainment rooms, as well as CQD-specific validation rooms that provide the instructor and operator with a self-contained capability to teach and validate the CQD skills as they are learned. The facility is also complete with offices, weapons storage and a retail store.