Utilize Appropriate Actions
Develop Character
Unify Communities


CQD provides a comprehensive solution for law enforcement that will increase the overall capability of each officer, ensure they utilize appropriate actions in all situations, and develop their character to serve as positive examples, thus creating a more unified community. This process has been successful for the most specialized units of our military and government, as well as various departments throughout the country. 


Outstanding. Changed my perception of a lot of the techniques law enforcement currently uses and validated why we need to change them. – It was great, I want to stay another month and learn more. – I can’t say it enough, outstanding instruction. Course content, job relevance. The six instructors we brought are all 11+ year cops and you found a way to wow! Us all. We want more!
— Past officer critiques


  • Most Efficient-Most Effective – CQD’s streamlined teaching methodology emphasizes simplicity and functionality ensuring the ability to responsibly utilize the system to accomplish the objective.  
  • Full-Circle System – Training integrates unarmed-armed skills for the individual and team and instills justifiable actions/responses with knowledge of legal ramifications.

  • Validation & Accountability – CQD provides undeniable methods of evaluation and assessment for each officer; followed by review, remediation and advancement ensuring the highest level of officer readiness. 

  • Core Confidence™ – CQD training combined with stress inoculation and management instills the ability and confidence within each officer to instantaneously “dial” their level of intensity and action dependent upon the situation. This eliminates inappropriate responses thereby greatly reducing civil and financial liability and instances of abusive actions. 

  • Tactical & Compassionate Officer™ – The training develops a tactically proficient officer, as well as someone who serves their community as a positive example and mentor.

  • Universal Applicability – Immediately applicable for all male and female officers, public safety and emergency services, courts and security, child protective services and social workers.