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Corporate Security

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CQD has a proven track record in providing security awareness and personal protection training for leading energy sector corporations for over a decade.


Our Programs Include:


This training offers executives customized instruction, based on their personal needs and desired intensity level. CQD enhances the executive’s personal and physical resiliency to think clearly and perform under great stress.
The training redefines their mental acuity by developing their “Internal Warrior” to control emotional and physical responses. Ultimately, CQD’s dynamic and systematic approach gives the executive the ability to protect themselves and others from physical threats and develops mechanisms to achieve the optimal level of commitment and success in their personal and professional life.


Training for corporate employees can be accomplished within the U.S. or abroad. It initially focuses on defense of themselves and their co-workers, at home and while traveling. CQD provides skills and techniques that are applicable to open environments, confined spaces, and the unique situations that persons traveling domestically and abroad may find themselves. Instruction will present personnel with a complete array of tactics and techniques enabling them to defend against personal assault, as well as internal development skills that will foster personal growth and greater team cohesiveness. Participants learn to be aware of their surroundings, to recognize trouble and avoid it if possible, and to protect themselves from physical harm when necessary.


This training offers corporate security staff members with critical training to appropriately respond to varying levels of threats and emergency situations. Training includes individual threat response, de-escalation and conflict resolution, and active-shooter response.
Due to the all-encompassing nature of the CQD training and validation process, corporation employees and security staff members will now become an integrated and cohesive network which is better able to respond to emergency situations.


Risk Assessments & Threat Analysis

In addition to training, CQD can provide security assessments, emergency planning, contingency plan review, and security awareness training. CQD will provide guidance and instruction to recognize potentially harmful conditions and situations, as well as assessments to ensure the appropriate preventative measures are in place.

Emergency Assistance

In particular cases, CQD can also provide assistance for persons traveling abroad in the form of, specialized protection teams or emergency assistance. These services are provided for the most specialized occasions where the client recognizes an immediate or impending threat, or their travel situation requires assistance in moving to a more secure location. All individuals will be CQD-certified personnel with backgrounds in special operations, law enforcement, or security who possess multiple years of experience in protective operations under high-risk conditions.