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Corporate Security

Training Benefits






CQD provides corporations with a comprehensive training and security solution to protect their most critical asset: their people.



What makes CQD different?

CQD training provides students with the specialized skills necessary to respond appropriately to all situations. Our internal development training incorporates stress inoculation and management, instills a Core Confidence™ within each person to "dial" their level of intensity and action based upon the situation, and provides the ability to overcome any challenges within their personal or professional lives


CQD provides hands-on instruction and provides a practical application and assessment of skills. We don't merely provide you a briefing and expect you to perform under stress. We teach you the skills, apply pressure, and then validate those skills under the stress and chaos of a realistic situation. In doing so, we are able to ensure that your personnel can protect themselves while under duress, will perform better in pressure situations, and instilled with confidence that carries over
into one's daily life.


For over 30 years, CQD has provided unmatched services for our nation's elite and corporate executives on the cutting edge of innovation.
CQD services include:

  • Personal Defense & Personal Development Training

  • Security Assessment & Awareness

  • Emergency Procedure Evaluation and Validation

  • Conflict Resolution and Extreme Situations Training    (i.e. Active Shooter, workplace violence)

  • Specialized Support - Protection and Personnel Assistance (upon request)