realistic scenario-based judgement training

CQD provides hands-on training and a proprietary method of validation, which ensures you are able to perform/act/respond under duress. Through this one-of-a-kind process, we prepare you to overcome the fear, stress, and chaos to make the appropriate decision on how to protect yourself or others.


CQD training provides students with the specialized skills to respond appropriately to a high risk encounter - whether that is a personal attack, active shooter, home invasion, or violent encounter.

Our scenario-based training utilizes specially trained Tactical Role Player™ (TRP™) personnel to create a realistic and unique situation for the student, allowing them to experience the chaotic nature of a high-risk encounter in a challenging yet safe environment.

Extraordinary! Gets to the core of what works, what doesn’t and why. Really like the mix of physical, mental and even ethical blend to the entire training. That’s life and that is what makes this real. Thanks!
— R. P.