Keynote Speaker


Duane Dieter went from being the son of Wesleyan preacher on the eastern shore of Maryland, to becoming one of the most influential tactical trainers in the world. Being the only civilian to be recruited to train the nations elite operators, the Navy SEALs, he revolutionized the way soldiers behave, perform and react while in combat and at home.


Hear Dieter’s incredible true story of a journey that led him on a search across the world to discover the answers to the high-risk fight, only to be led back to his roots on the Eastern Shore. Instead of discovering the answer abroad, he created over a nine-year period, an operationally focused, totally integrated program based on the concept that unarmed and armed defense skills and shooting/non-shooting responses must unify in all aspects of training. He designed it in such a way that anyone can learn the skills quickly and apply it to their situation regardless of age or profession and the movements remained the same whether or not you possessed a weapon in hand. It was so revolutionary that it garnered the attention of the DEA and eventually reached the ears of Naval Special Warfare, where Dieter went on to train thousands of our nations most elite operators including the now famous group known as SEAL TEAM SIX.

A highly acclaimed expert, Mr. Dieter was a key advisor to Commander, Naval Special Warfare Command and made significant contributions to the long-term success of the Naval Special Warfare community. Developing a program tailored to enhance warrior capabilities, he expertly trained deploying SEALs in mission critical skills.
Many times his training has directly related to success in missions of national importance.
— Admiral Eric Olson - 
Navy Superior Civilian Service Award

Dieter’s success did not come from just tactical training, it’s great power and influence came from the lessons taught about becoming a true role model, having control over your emotional dial and standing up for those who are preyed upon by the criminal elements. He emphasizes that egocentricity has no place in combat or any place of leadership.


In keynotes that inspire all audiences, he discusses the importance of “Life is a fight” meaning life’s battles we engage in daily, encourage and foster the same strengths that are needed in combat. Disappointments, setbacks, and what seem like insurmountable hurdles should serve to augment personal growth, perseverance and a desire to be the best you can be. A positive attitude ensures the ability to achieve under the conditions of life’s most intense struggles. Dieter believes it is a misconception to think that having a positive attitude only equates to happiness and peaceful actions; its most dynamic effect is in building the strength needed to handle daily difficulties, to fight through high-stress situations both in personal protections and daily life whether you’re an elite operator, law enforcement officer or a civilian. 

Dieters story will inspire you to take a stand, against criminals, bullies and nay-sayers who do everything in their power to de-legitimize your purpose and righteous intentions.
He teaches that, regardless of background, he can motivate you to take control of your actions in order to positively improve your own life and successfully work with others
to achieve a common goal.