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the cqd® difference


most efficient, most effective™


Totally integrated

Many agencies across the country utilize an isolated/sectional method of training, where one individual or sport method is used for defensive tactics; another separate individual or style for shooting instruction, and still yet another for control tactics. However, these different skills were not designed to work with one another, do not integrate with weapons, and often create contradictions for the officer.


CQD is the first and only system developed, which integrates all of the skills and techniques used by an individual into a fully functioning and networked system.

CQD’s unique “internal dialing” and stress inoculation process instills the ability and confidence within each person to instantaneously adjust their level of intensity and action in accordance with the situation, thus eliminating inappropriate responses.


core Confidence™

Officers are instilled with CQD’s Core Confidence™ principle, which is based on building an individual's confidence through conquering the most aggressive threat against them. 

By presenting this realistic threat in training, trainees will possess the skills to overcome a fully combative individual with only the force required to stop their actions.  Furthermore, the student is inoculated to stress and will possess the ability to instantaneously adjust their level of force when the individual is no longer a threat to the trainee or others. Finally, CQD provides each person with de-escalation skills and Reflex Readiness™, which allows them to utilize verbalization skills or a lower level of force, while maintaining the ability and confidence to escalate their force instantly should the suspect become aggressive.