Day 1


Arrival and transition to the Hyatt
in Cambridge, Maryland


Day 2

Training – Unarmed

The focus of Day 1 is on the initial components of unarmed skills in order to develop the appropriate posture, reflex and movement to protect against a high-risk encounter. This process will help develop the Core Confidence™ within each person. This block of training will culminate through several realistic training evolutions utilizing specially-trained Tactical Role Players.

0900 – 1200  Morning Training/Remediation

1200 – 1330   Break

1330 – 1630   Afternoon Training with
                     Validation Exercise


Day 3

Training – Unarmed/Armed

Day 3 training continues to focus on unarmed skills and includes training on escape and avoidance, strike intervention, as well as, de-escalation techniques. Day 3 will also provide an introduction into the CQD armed division of training. Students are taught the appropriate methods for handling a weapon safely, as well as shooting and non-shooting responses to high-risk situations and encounters. Validation exercises are again conducted to ensure skill attainment.

0900 – 1200  Morning Training

1230 – 1330   Break

1330 – 1630   Afternoon Training with
                     Validation Exercise


Day 4

Training – Unarmed/Armed

Day 4 integrates the armed component of training as well as provides live-fire training. Students are then presented with defense scenarios incorporating the stresses of a high-ˇrisk encounter, allowing for a realistic understanding of the threat and instilling appropriate use of force decisions.

0900 – 1200  Morning Training

1230 – 1330   Break

1330 – 1630   Afternoon Training with
                     Validation Exercise