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Power is in our unity


Overriding Purpose

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Empowering our Youth

Developing the confidence and capability to do what is right, to withstand the challenges they face and to believe in themselves, as well as providing them with the experience to handle the pressure to do the right thing.


Training the Tactical and Compassionate Officer

Developing law enforcement to have the greatest of skills and de-escalation techniques to defend our community, while at the same time becoming an ethical pillar and ambassador in which the community can trust and whom children can aspire to be like.


Combatting Community Deterioraton

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Communities in Maryland and across the country face many challenges, from economic issues to escalating crime rates, to the ravages of the drug epidemic.


how can we overcome?


The solution to these various problems must be a group effort in which all citizens take part. A program which has had a wide-reaching effect was envisioned by Duane Dieter approximately 30 years ago. The Citizen Hero Network encompasses a system of trusted persons who support the community in order to reach the heart of these problems. Mr. Dieter brought these attributes together to provide a mechanism to handle the unique and challenging issues within our neighborhoods. The various components: Youth Hero Training, Citizen Protective Outreach, and First Responders Integrated Readiness, weave together with citizens to solve these problems in an integrated method. The theory of their success is not held within its isolated components but, rather, its power is in their unity. 


first responders integrated readiness


In this time of unique challenges for all communities, there is no greater asset than law enforcement to protect our citizens and serve as an ambassador in all aspects of the community.


This begins with training that emphasizes appropriate use of force and de-escalation techniques, as well as development of the character of each officer to forge relationships and serve as positive role models within the community. 

Close Quarters Defense® (CQD®) provides a comprehensive solution for law enforcement that increases the overall capability of each officer and department, ensures that they utilize appropriate responses in all situations and develops their character to serve as positive examples, thus creating a more unified community. The training develops a tactically proficient officer, as well as someone who serves their community as a positive example and mentor.




During cQD Training, Officers receive:

  • Most efficient and effective tactical skills. From positive interactions to low, medium, and high threats
  • Physical and mental dialing capabilities for instantaneous adjustment of force
  • Validation and accountability services
  • Proprietary scenario-based training
  • Stress inoculation and management
  • Deescalation and conflict resolution skills
  • personal development and ethos training

After CQD Training, an Officer will:

  • Responsibly utilize the tactical skills necessary to accomplish the task safely and decisively
  • Determine the appropriate level of force in all situations
  • Realistically assess indicators of threat with clarity of thought and focus amidst stress and confusion
  • Justly respond to a person based on their actions rather than a preconceived bias
  • Elevate trust amongst the community as an example of a positive and compassionate role model

After Officers are properly trained, 
Cities and state departments can expect:

  • Sharp reduction in civil lawsuits regarding use of force and threat perception failures
  • Consistency and interoperability between departments
  • Positive public perception of law enforcement resulting in enhanced community relations
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CQD Foundation Misson

The mission of the CQD Foundation is to provide children with the training, experiences and internal power they need to overcome life’s obstacles to achieve success.


CQD Hero Training strives to engage children in an evolutionary experience that will promote the courage and resiliency they need to become an “Everyday Hero” who stands up for what is right at school and in their personal lives. Participants will develop a Critical Edge® to continuously rise above life’s challenges and will develop their Core Confidence® through a series of authentic training scenarios.

Rationale and Training

Recognizing that children and teens’ actual responses to stressful, negative encounters may differ from what they are taught by parents, teachers and other adults, CQD has established the Critical Edge Hero Training in which participants, through discussion, exercises and practical evolutions, develop the courage and self-confidence to make the right choice when responding to negative influences. 

CQD aims to transform participating youth into “Everyday Heroes” through a series of unique and realistic scenarios. These authentic simulations will provide participants with a series of challenges aimed to develop a Critical Edge® when responding to negative influences that pose a threat to their own well-being or the well-being of others. The Critical Edge provides an understanding for parents and youth that the challenges they will face in life are significant, and the confidence and security to choose the right path is difficult. The Critical Edge training teaches the child, as well as the parent, to choose the right path and not let negative influences redirect them from what is righteous. Participants will learn how to remain critically focused on rising above the negative influences they may encounter and how to protect themselves and others against peer pressure, bullying and substance abuse.


citizen protective outreach


The purpose of the Citizen Protective Outreach is to act as a liason between the community and governmental agencies to deter and remedy the drug problem ravaging our community.


Support the community by directing persons to: 

  • specific areas

  • governmental agencies

  • support groups for assistance


Due to our professional training, youth programs and intelligence initiatives, it has brought us in contact with many people who are in need beyond our direct capabilities and direction. Sometimes these persons are unaware of the governmental support systems available or organizations who reach out to others in need. But because of our long-standing network within the community, we have established connections with various groups of personal and governmental services, enabling us to direct and manage people to the proper resources to assist them in their life struggles, such as addiction and recovery, criminal matters, mental health issues or educational assistance. Through our relationships and connections within the community, the Outreach acts as a conduit to make it easier for persons to find help and ensure that no one is left behind.