benefits of training



Equip officers with training that is tailored to meet the specific needs of a dynamic and challenging profession.


CQD's unique training empowers law enforcement to not only be tactically sound, but more importantly, to display self-control with compassion towards citizens in their community. Our proprietary process can change the landscape of a neighborhood for the betterment of all.


During cQD Training, Officers receive:

  • Most efficient and effective tactical skills. From positive interactions to low, medium, and high threats
  • Physical and mental dialing capabilities for instantaneous adjustment of force
  • Validation and accountability services
  • Proprietary scenario-based training
  • Stress inoculation and management
  • Deescalation and conflict resolution skills
  • Personal development and ethos training

After CQD Training, an Officer will:

  • Responsibly utilize the tactical skills necessary to accomplish the task safely and decisively
  • Determine the appropriate level of force in all situations
  • Realistically assess indicators of threat with clarity of thought and focus amidst stress and confusion
  • Justly respond to a person based on their actions rather than a preconceived bias
  • Elevate trust amongst the community as an example of a positive and compassionate role model

After Officers are properly trained, 
Cities and state departments can expect:

  • Sharp reduction in civil lawsuits regarding use of force and threat perception failures
  • Consistency and interoperability between departments
  • Positive public perception of law enforcement resulting in enhanced community relations