CQD® Weapons Catch – Mark III

CQD® Weapons Catch – Mark III


Specifically designed for military and police special operations personnel, the CQD® Weapons Catch provides weapon security and retention while maintaining immediate weapon access. With your long-gun fully secured, the catch design offers security, reliability and provides the operator with a tactical advantage over the adversary. The trigger, scope, and, on some weapons the weapon’s fire/safe select lever, are protected from accidental contact. With the catch’s ability to keep the weapon close to the operator’s body, all three CQD Weapons Catches have been proven to prevent injuries to the operator, to prisoners/suspects, and to teammates. CQD Weapons Catches are designed to hold long-guns (rifles, shotguns, and submachine guns with or without optics), tear gas launchers, manual entry tools, and other specialized weaponry.

The compact Mark III Weapons Catch has been designed to offer operators a secure weapons retention capability and to require a minimum of space on the duty belt or vest. The closed configuration is compact (approximately 2 to 3 inches when stored) and streamlined. Designed with no loose straps, hooks, etc. to snag or tear, the ambidextrous catch easily attaches to gear using two ALICE clips which can be located together or separated on the user’s equipment. This design offers the maximum flexibility and comfort for the user. The Mark III Weapons Catch is adjustable for a customized fit and will hold long-guns, manual breaching tools, grenade launchers, etc., and is made from strong nylon and elastic. Designed to work with one or two hands, the Mark III Weapons Catch holds the weapon close and out of the way yet allows quick weapon retrieval. The CQD Mark III Weapons Catch has been proven to enhance safety for the user, for prisoners/suspects, and for teammates.


• Uses high impact polymer retention clamp
• Compact, one size fits all
• Accommodates left and right handed uses
• Compatible with existing equipment systems
• Accommodates rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, and slung manual tools
• Weight: 6 oz.
• Available in black only

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